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    Can anyone say, Made for TV Special?

    This movie should have been on Lifetime, that was about the quality of it. There was no mystery, it was obvious there was something going on with the doctor the whole time. The characters were flat, the story line was flat, overall, a big :TD: !

    And I love Adam Beach! I think he is a great actor but this movie made him look like an idiot. I have to agree though, I said the same thing during the movie that powwowchic said, he needs the long hair back. It does make me want to watch Smoke Signals again. :D


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      Re: Emma Leaphorn's illness

      They can't show Emma getting better. She dies. They did need to shoe Jim Chee in his first healer role though. The books are great but sorry to say Emma dies from cancer.

      The movie was pretty good though.

      The Dark wind movie done several years ago was poorly edited. They show a fight between two guys and the fuzzy sound boom keeps getting in the picture.


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        If memory serves me right, Emma survives the surgery for the Brain Tumor, and winds up dying from Staph Infection. My Aunt made it through Pnuemonia, then poof, she's gone from Staph too!
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          Maybe I'm just bad with mysteries, but I didn't know whodunnit till the end. I never figured it out. I thought it was pretty good.


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