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Dances that exlude Non-Indians. Good or Bad?

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    same ole same ole.....

    This is always an interesting subject to read though....

    I just sit here and smile at some of the things being said. It is funny....

    I believe non indians not participating is just how it should be. I see ceremonies done and non ndns thinking they know better because they did it this way where they were adopted..... blah blah... b.s.

    If you had any respect you wouldn't force your thinking onto anyone, especially if you are still learning or don't know it all. I am sure there are some things you didn't learn being "adopted."

    I see how non ndns feel so guilty and don't want to admit how things are so bad for Indians yet they really won't stand up for them. I was raised in a racy state... awful.. When I moved to the Southwest and seen how most of the pueblos closed the village for sacred dances I was impressed.

    Not because it discluded anyone, it was just something they always did. No one is allowed to enter unless they are from the particular village. I do not try to force my way in either, I have to respect there decision. I am also afraid of knowing too much, I do not want to get hurt. Most Indians will understand this....

    Well enough..... I am rambling again... I wish I could write what I really feel in my head..... it's up there, it's just getting it out the right way.



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