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Former Miss Navajo Nation Radmilla Cody Prison Sentence Pending......

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  • Former Miss Navajo Nation Radmilla Cody Prison Sentence Pending......

    Former Miss Navajo Nation 1997-1998 Radmilla A. Cody was sentenced to a 21-month federal prison sentence that is still pending in relation to her part in an international drug trafficking and money laundering conspiracy.

    Cody agreed to a conviction on "misprison of a felony," or concealing her involvement and not reporting that she had packaged marijuana that was traffickied in the Tulsa area. She did admit to everything in her plea bargain.

    That in September 1998, Cody as having worked with her then-boyfriend, drug "kingpin" in wrapping up to 324 kilograms of marijuana. Besides Cody and the kingpin there are a total of 14 other people involved.

    Rumors are circulating in Window Rock, Arizona that the Navajo Nation Council could decide to vote on removing Cody's status as Miss Navao Nation 1997-1998.

    Finding any tribal employee willing to offer a comment is a difficult one. Navajos apear to be stunned: in disbelief that Cody was, according to her own words, in "an abusive six-year relationship" with the kingpin of a criminal enterprise that smuggled cocaine and marijuana from Mexico into Poenix, then cross country to Tulsa, Oklahoma, Witchita, Kansas, and Detroit. Despite, the abuse through domestic violence that went as gar as Belemy sticking a gun in Cody's mouth.

    They have suggested to the Navajo Nation not to look at Cody as a very good role model for the Navajo Nation. Due to the fact that Miss Navajo Nation recipients past and present represent the tribe everywhere, they go just as the Navajo president does.

    Cody could end up winning a Native American Grammy-Best Album award on her work of traditional Dine music, "Seed of Life."
    :flaming: Nah

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    Seed of Life eh? What kind of "seed"? :dontknow:


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      Too bad. Last thing we need is another native who's supposed to be a role model blowing it big time in the public eye. The Navajo Nation would be in the right to take their title back.


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        Feel sorry for her!!!!

        Man, do I feel sorry for her. I mean I actually met the people. During her appreciation dinner in Flagstaff we were invited because she did some guest appearances with my little brother who is her granfather clan wise. And we sat next to these people and they all looked normal. Even the kingpin. He was very nice and polite all of them were. But, I can't believe that she got herself into this much trouble.

        And just to think she might even win a Native American Grammy award while she's doing her time in prison.....
        :flaming: Nah


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          Lets all remember, we ALL make dumb mistakes from time to time......everyone except for me :p JUST KIDDING!!! Gaaah!
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            True, True!!!!!
            :flaming: Nah


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              Yeah really powwow chic! Geez!
              Life is more than what we see...


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                i was impressed with radmilla after i first met her...if being friendly and smilling could get a person outta prison she could do still a fan but think she should do the time...and what do you think of this.?.since she kept her mouth shut about mr. you think he left radmilla some hush hush money...? my bet is that he did....later......oh yeah powwowhic has a new pic...*L* holy
                thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

                *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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                  She sounds like a nice girl who just got a little side tracked.

                  I hope Mouse doesn't read this, he might start stalking her to!


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                    I love Radmilla's music, and think this is a very sad situation. But - she knew what she was doing was wrong - in not telling. It's a delicate situation no matter how you slice it!
                    Everything is gonna be alright!

                    Be blessed - got love???

                    This b me.....



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                      This is a very sad situation that Radmilla got herself into. But then you have to admit that it did take a lot of courage to turn herself in to say I helped with that. Especially to turn around to the Navajo Nation and apologize for her actions. But, this situation should help her to identify who her real family and friends are.

                      About the status of the Navajo Nation Council thinking of taking her name off of the list of Former Miss Navajo Nations. I think that this is unwise of them. Because she earned the title, she did everything that the judges requested of her. She had the talents and the skills not to mention that she did butcher the sheep. The competition had nothing to do with the current charges.

                      She never used the title to get anywhere. And besides she never took anything from the tribe except the honor of being known as a Former Miss Navajo Nation. When she gave up her crown she was given her check. She turned around endorsed the check and donated it all back to the Navajo Nation Children. Like I said she didn't take nothing from the tribe.
                      :flaming: Nah


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                        I commend Millie for her courage, she is my family and what she did this past week to approach the Navajo Times and apologize openly like that as well as explain her situation, how many other individuals out there do you know would do something like that, even with the amount of wrong they have done in their life? There are many individuals out there in dysfunctional relationships and they are afraid to leave the situation. But for an individual to come forth with the truth and able to talk and apologize to the public that has solely supported her since her reign as Ms Navajo, that is courageous. Yes she did wrong, but we are all not perfect individuals, life would be just too easy if our lives were perfect. We would not be able to experience the true meaning of grief/sorrow/pain/joy,etc. We all learn from our mistakes, but I know Millie does have a passion for children and teaching the youth. How many other Miss Navajo's have gone the great lengths to put so much effort into providing to the youth/children, especially donating all their earnings to the Navajo Nation Children's Fund? I think we should all look past this incident and continue to support her. She is a true blessing to many family/friends and youth that admire her. But she truly is a Strong Dine Woman regardless of the choices she has had to make in her life up to here.


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                          ...4 words...

                          ..."reap what you sew"
                          Never squat naked in spurs


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                            I do not know this lady, but I do not need to. If you do something really bad, and this is bad, then you need to pay for it. I don't care who you are.

                            I have a family member that did something bad. He is a good guy, but what he did was bad. I don't blame the justice system for putting him away awhile.

                            I know we all make mistakes in life, but this was a pretty big f&#$#$king mistake that this lady made. It is something that she will have to pay for.

                            If the Navajo Nation does strip her, do you blame them? She represented that tribe as an ambassador.What was done was counterproductive and hypocritical to what all tribes are trying to do, steer everyone away from drugs.
                            It is so sad that a family can torn apart by something as simple as a wild pack of dogs.


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                              NN to strip her??? lol


                              If the Navajo Nation does strip her, do you blame them? She represented that tribe as an ambassador.What was done was counterproductive and hypocritical to what all tribes are trying to do, steer everyone away from drugs. [/B]
                              Umm i highly doubt the Navajo Nation will turn their backs on her. She has much continued support already from her own community along with others on the Navajo Nation, including the Pres and VP of the tribe. I guess see for yourself... that's just my 2 cents. :)


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