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Former Miss Navajo Nation Radmilla Cody Prison Sentence Pending......

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    Dang I knew girlfriend had some problems, just didn't know they were that deep. Dang Mia, least you confessed to your wrongs and apologized to your people, and I mean "your" people. We would never turn our backs on our own kind. No way never. She'll come around again, we all have our days walking on sunshine, and our days crawling through the deep darkness. Let him:Angel: carry you for now Mia. As for the rest of you people, thanks for the support for one my own, many many thanks.:Thumbs
    "I Ahula Ula"
    Enjoying the ride.


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      Well tell Millie about this!!!!!!!!

      I'll go ahead and show this thread to Millie. For sure my sister would thank everyone for there concerns and prayers. May the Great Creator bless each and everyone of us.....

      Ahe hee, shi ke do shi dine.
      :flaming: Nah


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        Re: NN to strip her??? lol

        Originally posted by luvlybutterfly
        Umm i highly doubt the Navajo Nation will turn their backs on her. She has much continued support already from her own community along with others on the Navajo Nation, including the Pres and VP of the tribe. I guess see for yourself... that's just my 2 cents. :)
        I didn't know that her sentence is not for selling drugs but for not reporting someone who she knew was. In this case I don't think she should serve any time.

        I feel sorry for her, I don't blame her for not reporting someone who she may have been very close to or who may have intimidated her not to say anything. Come on, how many of you people out there know someone who sells drugs and don't report them. I'll bet most of you probably do! How many of you got a cousin or or somebody who sells? Tell the truth. If her sentence is for only not reporting her boyfriend (as it says in this article) than I think it is rediculouse. Her boyfriend sold the drugs not her, send him to the pen.

        I highly doubt that the judge grew up his whole life without knowing someone who did something illegal and didn't report it. Maybe one of his high school or college buddies sold a little weed on the side and he didn't say anything. Who knows? This whole thing is rediculouse. They need to give the girl a friggen break.


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          Indianz.Com. In Print.

          Begaye says Cody was a role model
          FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2002

          Outgoing Navajo Nation President Kelsey Begaye said former Miss Navajo Nation Radmilla A. Cody was a role model for Navajo people despite her involvement in an international drug ring.

          Begaye in a statement said news of Cody's guilty plea and 21-month prison sentence should not diminish the title she once held. "Miss Navajo Nation is the epitome of what we refer to as the Navajo woman, the matriarch of our society," the Associated Press quoted the statement as saying.

          Cody is set to report to federal authorities on January 6, 2003, to serve her term. She admitted to helping distribute marijuana but not alerting authorities about it. She said she was in an abusive relationship at the time.

          Get the Story:
          Begaye: Keep respect for title (AP 12/13)

          Relevant Documents:
          Navajo Times Letter (December 5, 2002) | Plea Agreement (March 14, 2002) | Sentence for 21 Months (November 13, 2002)

          Relevant Links:
          Darrell Dwight Bellamy, 15 Most Wanted -
          Miss Radmilla Cody -
          Miss Navajo Nation -
          Native American Music Awards -

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          Shirley urges support for convicted Cody (12/11)
          Miss Navajo Nation sentenced (12/10)

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            At least she shut up the local newspaper company here in town from writing about her. She told for them to change there motto from:

            The truth well told to The truth well stretched which is very true there forever stretching the truth.
            :flaming: Nah


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