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  • Getting carded

    Here's a question for thought. When I register at powwows its not unusual for me to get carded to show proof of tribal membership. This due to my dirty blonde hair and blue eyes-thanks DAD hehe. Now, at a powwow in GA I was carded by a Department of Natural Resources official in question to my possesion of hawk feathers. I showed him my tribal card and nothing else was said. I'm just wondering how frequently anyone else gets the thrid degree out there and if its based by region. For example I heard they are less stringent in the west- thought comments...

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    I did get carded at Fayetteville's pow-wow one year. And I am Lumbee but they didn't know me and I can't blame them, I have reddish-brown hair and am light skinned and they didn't know me from Adam and Eve. But I cannot say that I know anyone who has been carded for feathers just for dancing.
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      Maybe it's an eastern thing - I've never seen any carding at powwows in the NW, either for feathers or to contest dance. Most people I know don't carry their cards with them, so there'd be alot of people pretty pi$$ed off if they did...


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        I think in GA they are trying to get rid of the fakes and new agers! I live in GA and go to powwows frequently and stuff and i get carded and stuff but i am getting my card soon. but some people can get pretty rude when they card you. this one guy got in my face, and even gave me the look like you are a hlaf breed you don't belong in the arena thats what i got out of his look. But he was very rude to me! ANd i am only 15!!
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          what the heck is a new ager
          what up


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            I don't need no stinkin' card!! :D
            Seriously, I've never carried one and have not had any trouble either.
            But, of coarse, that's just me.. :D


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              I think it has to be east/southeastern thing. But I don't believe that just because someone carries a card that total excludes them from the "freakish" category. I have been to some Powwow's and have seen some natives and have been like, "Huh?" Then on the other hand I know of plenty of non-natives who treat our culture with more respect than some of us do.
              I do think it serves a purpose to an extent (like CYA when the Feds Feathers Busters show up), but I'd like to see it done away with or some other alternate used.
              I've also heard of a Powwow(s) were certain dancers were "carded" to keep them from dancing/competing, but when the "carding police" made checks of all the dancers only 4 had cards and the rest of the 200 or so dancers didn't or weren't legal in the first place

              But in all honesty I wish the only time I have to be carded is when I try to get in the club :D


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                Out here on the East coast carding does weed out many of the new agers and born again cherokee's.

                Bloody Medicine Face - If you dont know what a new ager is then you better make some room at your place cause I, for one, want to live wherever you do adn Im sure many other people here would too!!-lol

                Ive never been carded before when I lived out west, it was no big deal. Havent been carded back here on the east coast either, I think its all about the looks sometimes. Like one time when I was stationed in Texas a Gros Ventre friend of mine Catcher CutsTheRope went to dance at this one powwow. Ol blu eyed, blond haired Texas cherokee lady asked him for his card....

                his reply " Lady look at me, do I look like a need card to prove to your white a** that Im ndn?" well, I agree, he could have handled it better but the look of utter shock on her face was enough to make everyone die laughing, memorable, caught him on a bad day :)

                I do not recommend this approach to being carded-just for the record

                A Warrior without character is nothing more than a brute.

                I have lots of freinds, you just cant see them:)


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                  I haven't been carded all that much, but I was carded at a couple of powwows. I kinda like the carding thing...but I also don't. I have friends who can't compete because they don't have their cards, and some are more Native than I am. I hate that some people think that all Natives these days have black hair, dark skin, brown eyes, etc. Yes, I have all of these traits, all but my hair is a dark brown, not black. Anyway...I have a friend who's mom is full blood Lumbee, and her dad is white, but she happened to get blonde hair,blue eyes, and light skin. So, you see, we can't judge people's heritage by their looks. Although, I have to say, I like a dark Native guy, lol.

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                    I've seen flyers for larger powwows that warn that proof will be required, but have never seen anyone actually ask for it in our area. They might post that you have to be at least one fourth Native, but usually don't challenge anyone. Our family is Navajo and we don't have any cards. Our only proof is from tribal enrollment. There are some local people who are white but have been accepted in the powwow circle. Some have been adopted into tribes and others married in. They take it all very seriously and don't get much flack except from outsiders. I don't really see a need to card anyone. It doesn't take much to tell those who really care from those who are just playing Indian for the weekend. That should be enough for those judging. The outfits and the way they dance usually separate the serious dancer from the Boy Scout or new ager within the first minute of the song.


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                      i live in florida and some powwows in southern florida they card you to enter competition. i was offended that the Seminoles in Hollywood asked if I had a card but didnt ask my mom. I think they were going by skin color because i am a whole lot darker than my mom.
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                        Up here, we don't have cards, we have enrollment numbers. When I hear "getting carded", it means bouncers checking your ID at the door of the bar to see if you're old enough to drink! Hehehehee....

                        Come to think of it, I haven't been carded at Buck's in awhile. ****, must be getting old, huh, Sahnish? :p

                        [ October 09, 2001: Message edited by: lngfthr ]
                        Not better. Not worse. Just different.


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                          Hey Lngfthr;
                          you know I been wondering about that "card" business ever since I been reading about it on here. I always wanted a "card" so last month I was going south to a pow wow so i figured I better get me a card, in case I was carded. I had some printed up. I put "ME INDIAN" in capital letters just in case someone asked me for my "card." Well wouldn't you know it, they carded me, but they wanted more identification so I asked if they had a mirror, they said, "yes we do," and gave it to me. I looked in the mirror and said "That's me, alright." They let me dance after that. You know lngfthr, I heard you had trouble getting into Canada so if you want I will give you my extra card, but you are going to have to get your own mirror tho.

                          You know, now that you mention it, I wasn't carded last time I was at Buck's either. Of course I knew the bouncer tho, so maybe that was why, ennit..

                          "There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance in action."


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                  're too much, Sahnish! :D
                            Not better. Not worse. Just different.


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                              You know I do understand about being carded..I was at the Denver powwow
                              and I was carded there I felt kind of insulted. I don't usually bring my card with me
                              unless for medical reasons when i go visit family on the rez...What's the point of
                              being carded? I just feel like I'm being labeled when I get carded.
                              The point of dancing at a powwow isn't to be carded everyone has the right to dance regardless if their registered or not...I have a friend who didnt have her kids registered because she has a reason. So does that exclude them to dance as well.
                              I think that all powwows should be more open and so less uptight about cards..It's only a piece of paper nothing more. Ya know? :)


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