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What Is Your All Time Favorite Pow Wow That You Have Been Too

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    For me there was two pow-wows almost back to back that stand out.

    The 1992 Black Lodge pow-wow at White Swan, WA. Besides awesome dancers the drums were aplenty, including: Pigeon Lake, Little Eagle, Smokey Town, Thunder Mountain, White Fish Jr., Indian Nation, Kicking Woman. Best of all, it had a small pow-wow feel.

    Then there was the 1992 Weasle Tail pow-wow. Even more dancers, and more killer drums like: White Fish Jr, Eyabay, Assiniboine Jr., Nakoda Nation, Indian Nation, White Eagle, Seventeen Mile, Cathedral Lakes, Northern Cree, Black Lodge, Blackstone, Eagle Spirit, Blackfoot Crossing, Makaoo Jr., Ironwater, Thunder Mountain.

    Unfortunately they have not had either pow-wow since 1992.
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      Kamloopa Indian Days, baybee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Haha, of course, Im totally biased. We have the most beautiful arbour in canada, if not the world :) Oh yeah, and it's my daddy's rez, so yeah, totally biased opinion here *G*



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        SUH! them cheap fools used ME on their poster in 99' I think it was. They used it WITHOUT my consent. I was gonna give em' hell for it too, but I didn't know till the weekend before the powwow...hhhhmmmm.
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