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    Howdy all-

    I have been asked to make a Straight Dance turban for a friend and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions before I start off.



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    You pretty much hit the nail on the head. I made one once before for another friend, but he wanted it done out of an old fur coat and gave me this funky plastic stuff to use as the stiffner. It turned out how he wanted, but I didn't think it was some of my better work.

    So I'm tyring again. On the tail, it seems that most of the turbans I've seen go from the top edge of the turban and "flap" over the back edge of the tuban. I'm not skilled enough to do a detailed ribbonwork edge, but I am going to trim it out with just a plain, solid color ribbon strip. My thought was that it would be better to sew the ribbon on to the sitffner then lay the otter strip down in between the ribbon edges on the backing, so that the ribbon didn't get to bulky trying to cover up the edge of the hide. (Hope that makes sense) How did you attach the otter to the latigo?

    Any suggestions on how to handle the leg holes? The friend Im making it for is going to give some Quilled wheels for the rosettes, so they wont cover the leg holes as much as I would like.

    Thank you for your tips!

    They are much appreciated!


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