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Should songs be sold?

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  • warhoop
    I have to agree with kneegrow native and homalosa. These songs(prayers) are passed down from generation to generation. thats the way it should be to the right kind of people though. Ones who will honor and respect these songs and not try to market them.

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  • homalosa
    Guest replied
    I just got off the phone with the RedCloud family and as I said in the other post about ceremonial songs, this kind of thing isn't approved. The elder also said that there are people going around claiming to be medicine people and AIM members when they're not. And I agree with Knee-grow Native, how can you market, sell and buy a prayer? There are so many intertribal and contest songs that should suffice those who want to hear. The other thing is this, if sundance songs can be sold to anyone, then anyone should be allowed to attend sundance, and we know that isn't possible.

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  • kneegrow_native
    This question could be posed a different way:

    How would you feel about someone recording prayers and selling them? A lot of these kind of songs are prayers.

    If someone in the area that I lived in recorded a CD of Winter dance or Seven Drum songs, it would more than likely be condemned.

    Either way you ask the question, to me, it does not feel right.

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  • Mato Winyan
    Then maybe the question should be...

    Should they be sold, given, traded, and etc?

    In other words .. should they be made so readily available to the general population that has no idea of what the songs mean or represent.

    Should there be a history and teaching be included with them?

    How about a warning label.... singing these songs maybe be a hazard to your health?? :p

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  • superndngyrl
    so you think people should mass produce em and then just give em away?

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  • tigger
    i don't think that they should be sold.

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  • Mato Winyan
    started a topic Should songs be sold?

    Should songs be sold?

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of ceremonial songs(sundance, peyote, inipi, yuwipi, hanblechia, pipe) being sold on cd's and cassettes.

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