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I need help on my anklets and goats!!!!!!!!!

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  • I need help on my anklets and goats!!!!!!!!!

    im a traditional and fancy dancer but i need to know how to connect my anklets together and my goats together, i already know what to put on the back but do i connect them with leather or shoelaces or belts or what?? i need a lot o help!!!!!!!


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    I put them together similarly and will explain both for you. When I construct a pair of anklets (traditional dance) I use canvas as a backing. I make the canvas cover the entire back of the hide so it will absorb the sweat and not the hide. After edging the canvas sew the hide to it down the sides. I also leave enough sticking canvas above the top so that I can fold it over and sewn so it leaves a 3-4" flap on the top. I fill this flap with some kind of padding and then sew it shut on the sides and to the top edge of the hide. At this point I then make a strap to hold anklet on with. I usually use 2" wide Velcro for this.

    For goats (fancy dance) I construct them the same except about half way down put a simple shoe lace tie to keep the goat shut. I also use a flap of fabric like a side tab used at the waist to place down the back where the sides of the goats meet to give the whole thing a clean look. This and the ties are not need on anklets since they are so short. I merely place the seam down the heel when wearing this type.

    Hope this helps

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      Trade cloth makes a nice backing for your goats. I've seen most dancers attach them to their legs with leather ties -- backing the goats with fabric (like trade cloth) helps keep the ties from pulling through or tearing the leather. Use at least three ties on each piece -- top, middle and bottom. With three ties, your goats stay up better and don't tend to bunch up as they sometimes do when you use only a top and bottom tie. Tie them so the hair on the lower part of the goats hangs to the sole of your moccasins. If you tie them too low, too much of the hair will drag on the ground, picking up grass, dirt, leaves and anything else out there. Treat your goats well -- brush them out after each dance to keep them looking nice and also cleaning the hair. Hope this helps.


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