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  • Looking for Jingle Cones

    I am looking for jingle cones. 300 of them preferably rolled but doesn't matter. Gold or silver color...If you are looking to trade or want money let me know what you are looking for to trade...
    thanks a bunch
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    Driftstone Pueblo in Vandalia ,illinois has both,they are the cheapest around.Tx is 618-283-1299.They will also hand pick for you. Their ad is in all native trade papers.They are open 7 days a sure that where ever you buy that you do not mix w/ the ones made in india. they are smaller and lose their shine really quick. In other words , pretty junky.


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      35 park ave.Dumont,New JERSEY 07628
      phone number is, 201-384-4794
      fax 201-387-8186
      five dollars for a catalog,you
      can get,just about anything,they
      have jingles and lids,not for sure
      if it is what you wont,you can also
      get fully beaded mocassins,every-
      thing! the catalog has 77 pages and
      bob will refund the five dollars
      with your first order,the only
      thing most of it is in a kit




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        My friend JoAnn Thomas gets her cones from a man named Robert Fultz (I believe he is in New Jersey), his number is 732-251-3498. He even has baby cones. She says he has the best prices she has found and she makes herself sometimes 5 or 6 dresses a year! besides the ones for other people!
        Becky B.


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          if looking for jingle cones try moscow fur and hide Iknow they have them they also have tons of other stuff


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            hay... well here's an address to where you can buy cheap jingles rolled...
            Tom Reeds
            24788 Marks Street
            He has plain silver and gold rolled for 3.00 per hundred and copenghagen gold or silver for 12.00/100 ...shipping is 5.00 its pretty good price even for the quality of jingles...-rebecca Text


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              I got the cones that I needed from Steve Eagles of Colorado. It has been a few years since I have made a jingle dress. So I'm not sure of the price lately. My oldest daughter has one jingle dress for dancing. Lately she has worn her Traditional Cloth dresses more.

              Heres the addee for Steve Eaglse;

              Hope this helps

              Lone Fox


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