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    I am a high school student, who has Native American back ground, and is active in Native tradition. I have a history assignment to do and it is to be on "Termination Policy & Native American struggle to survie in the 1950's" But to my knowledge and my mothers, most of the placement of the Native Americans was done long before. My history teacher really has no clue about any of it, and has left the assignment up to me, but it has to be focased around the 50's. I would like to focas it around the Iroquois, because that is where I am from, but I am still trying to lean what I can about them. Can anyone help?! Please.
    Thank you!!!
    Casey L. Fideline

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    Hey there Neighbor! Iam In Marysville! I cant help ya with your assignment but I can invidte ya to the Pow Wow we( UNAC of Everett CC)Is hosting on May 20th ...see if you can get some extra credit for going!!
    Take care.


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      There are alot of good books on termination and the Iroquois who came off the reservations to work on high steele projects. Sorry I don't happen to know any off hand , but try the American Indian community house in New York city. They have alot of iroquois contacts and could be a good references point for you. Good luck


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        Try "Apolgies to the Ioquois", by Wilson. Its a little powerful book which deals with the policy of termination, which by the way dealt with terminating reservations by allotting the land individualy and cutting Federal services, not 'terminating'indian people with black helicopters and etc.


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