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    jriverwind, thank you for remembering, from a Viet Nam veteran. There have been many times during the last 30 years that I've wondered if my flying helicopters over the jungles made any difference at all. Maybe all veterans feel this way sometimes. And, it helps to read a heartfelt "thank you" - maybe someone actually remembers...
    Bayou "Warrior 14"
    The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.


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      Originally posted by Bayou:
      jriverwind, thank you for remembering, from a Viet Nam veteran. There have been many times during the last 30 years that I've wondered if my flying helicopters over the jungles made any difference at all. Maybe all veterans feel this way sometimes. And, it helps to read a heartfelt "thank you" - maybe someone actually remembers...
      Bayou "Warrior 14"
      I remember and I thank you, I lost many of the boys I grew up with in that Hell hole of a jungle. I also did volunteer work in a VA hospital when I was in High School. I saw first hand the ravages that particular bit of fightinng did in all it's forms. Somedays I had to force myself to go and witness the suffering of body and spirit inflicted on our Vets and fight back the tears of frustration and sorrow. I did this to honor my Father and as I was proud of him I am also proud of you. I am honored by what you did for my country and me. My Grandfather told me that "Honor was the the warrior in your heart that never slept." You did your duty with honor and I thank you again. I was taught to respect Veterans by my elders and I listened to their greater wisdom.


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        I recently read James Alexander Thom's book "Pather in the Sky". In the Author's Notes at the close of the book, pg 684, he relates a conversation between a white and a Shawnee veteran of the Veit Nam era. It goes as follows:
        " How can you go and fight a war for a country that's treated your people the way it has?"
        The Shawnee smiled and wagged his head slowly. He put his fist against the white man's knee, chuckled, and said, "You palesfaces still can't understand that this is our country, can you?"

        I hadn't thought about this until I read Thom's authors notes. It seems to me that some of the veterans fought to preserve their homeland, regardless of the quality/fairness of the presently ruling government. A country isn't only the government, it is where your loved ones are, where you will return and be welcomed by them even if no one else welcomes you.

        It is home. Thank you, veterens, for being willing to fight a battle to protect the land of my birth. A land with many problems, inadequacies and embalances, an imperfect place that is still home.

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          This discussion reminds me of a story my grandmom tells me of my grandfather.When they met my grandfather told my grandmom his job and that they would be moving around bases alot. My grandmom was fine with this and also my grandfathers job, till one day she went to see him while he was working!
          My grandfather was a drill sargeant for the U.S. Marines! This is back during WWII. My grandmom seen how my grandfather treated these men and she got so mad at him. She told him not to holler at those men or slap them or such thing. My grandfather told her," Polly, I hope my treatment to them is the worse thing these boys will have to deal with once they leave here."
          My grandfather didn't get the chance to fight in the war. All he could do was prepare these men knowing that some wouldn't be coming back. I was taught to be thankfull for what you have and to respect the freedom I have today. Our elders did what they felt they had to do in order for us to be here today. Before any single one of us judges these desicions try to put yourself in their shoes.
          Thank you to all the fighters,all the warriors, all the educators, and all the people who supported those ones.

          This is also a thank you to all the War Mothers out there for making the ultimate sacrifice. As a mother myself of a beautifull son, I can only faintly imagine your pain and your pride.
          Thank you to all the mothers out there, all the wives, the sisters, the daughters, and the lovers!
          Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

          Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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            Herein this province there is so much fuss made over a "Vet", even when they areno more than 30 years is quite humourous as Elders at home say do not call on me as an Elder until I am at least 60 and even so it is my elders the ones who are in their 80's and 90's that should be called these vets get into everything, feather pickups, grand entries, whistle blowing, food offerings, they sutre milk it for al it is worth..why, because thye have found aniche where they can soak up the attention and fame based on a questionable title.
            My great uncle who survived Korea and returned severely wounded never accepts invites to dance as a vet or particpate in feather pick ups or grand entriesa s a vet as he is an Indian first then an elder as he puts it..4 years out of his life do not make him special so that people have to bend over backwards to kiss his???, most of the supposed Vets I have met are arogant and pushy because they pit their life on the line for a bunch of non NDN's, what is so great about that?
            Great enough to have a holiday named after them.....typical. The vets I will be praying for next week are the ones who fought for Indian Inherent rites, our land here and our sacred and ancestral items which have been stolen and abused.
            I pay homage to them every day!



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