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  • Giveaways

    Your "handle" doesn't include where you are from so I can only tell you what we give up here in the Northern Plains: mainly starquilts, pendleton blankets, throw or cotton blankets, shawls, horses, money, sometimes bundles of yard goods or bath/kitchen towels, starquilt or throw pillows and warbonnets (not seen as much anymore).

    Down South, I'm learning, they give other kinds of things and the range is quite broad so, if that's where you're from, some of the other posters from the South can give you more of an idea of their giveaway items.

    Hope it helps.
    Not better. Not worse. Just different.

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    I am going to assume that you want to give to many men at the dance. One of the useful things sometimes given up north is a little bundle of a throw away razor, a pair of tube socks maybe a little bar of soap, a small deoderant or aftershave and all wrapped up in a handerchief.

    Although the big ticket items are nice to recieve, there are many things that can be given. I have always been taught that you should give to as many people as possible and the high price doesn't really matter.

    I was recently at a small dance in Oklahoma where a family 'paid for' a naming by giving away small plastic baskets from a dollar store filled with all sorts of things as gifts to both men and women. I didn't see the men's baskets but the ladies gifts included a pair of stockings a peice of fruit and some other things.

    My wife was Head Lady at a Brotherhood powwow and the people in the arbor were very enthusiastic to get what ever we could affiord to give. The gifts serve as a marker that you were generous and respected what ever traditions you are following.


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      A big misconception is that giveaway items have to be "traditional" in nature. I used to have that sort of thinking. Some of the best giveaway items are those that are practical for use in the home, office, school, or whatever. The nice thing about those items is that they can be given to both ladies and men. Soap, towels, coffee mugs, and clothes hangers are all very useful items that are appropriate for giveaways. For instance, I recently received a set of hangers at a giveaway. I was very happy to receive them because not only was I being honored, but my closet was really lacking in hangers. If you just want items to give to various men at the powwow whom you are not honoring specifically, I would stick with general items.


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        One possible thing that comes in real handy at a dance is those colapsing camp chair they sell at most department store (ie walmart, Kmart) these days. They are not real expensive if you have only a few folks in mind. I recieved one a few years back and still take it to every dance. They pack and travel very well.

        "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso

        "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift...that is why is it called the Present." Master Oogway - KungFu Panda

        My comments are based on what I have been taught and my experiences over the years I have been around the circle. They should in no way be taken as gospel truths and are merely my opinions or attempts at passing on what I have learned while still learning more.


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          Socks, packs of cigarettes, lighters, combs. The socks were my personal favorite giveaway gift. It's like the family read my mind. We're also starting to collect for a giveaway, and I've been buying tools- like screwdrivers, those little wrench sets, pocket knives, etc. Go for things you'd want or use, and try to think of things some of your guests would be interested in. Do they have horses? Get stuff along those lines. If you have any ideas of your own, let me know too.
          We are all half-crazy, and all at least half all right. -Josh Ritter


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            Light weight Pendlentons,any kind of blanket
            from wal-mart,shawls,coolers small ones that hold a six pack of pop,water bottles wrapped
            in small towels,a lot of people put things
            around the arena and tell the vistors to come out and receive a gift,they are bowles
            towels,material,any thing you wont really,
            bags of candy for the kids,some times they throw the candy in the arena and tell the kids to come and get it,the only thing about that is if it is not all picked up the dancers step on it,alot of times i see women at the drum recieve gifts,my husband has made
            gourds and gave them away and he has also recieved ribbion shirts, Grocery baskets are
            good for host our co host or maybe the Drum,
            and money.
            These are some of the thing i have seen given away or we have given them away.




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              Up here folks give out a yard or two fo calico or some shirt cloth, Baskets and cigeretts. Lighters,Candy,hankerchifs are big! Any kind of cantainer with a lid is valued high! Tuperware is a big item up here. spools of 50 cent ribbon. Smoked salmon, Berries. Pop or jiuces. Lemons. oreanges, and apples. Blankets are usually for high ranking folks up here. Only the headman and woman and MC or folks that you know personaly get thoughs. I think its a good time to Hit the 99cent stores! Its really common to be walkin into a dollar store up here and find that the whole store is full of Indians gettin giveaway stuffs. Up here, if you need to know who's haven a comin out, just swing by the old 99 cent store and you see the family pickin up goods.
              Bowls and mostly containers are the biggest things in these parts.
              take care.


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                flashlights, large bowls, towel and hot pad sets, candles (ladies love candles), cigarettes, garden tools, can chubbies, waters bottles (on clearace at most places now)If it is a few someones, can you sew? you could make shirts or scarf sets (applicable for straight dancers ususally)If you are thinking of the drums, beater bags are sometimes good.
                For kids, crayons & coloring books, playdough, small stuffed animals and CANDY.
                Dollar stores are wonderful for giveaways!


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                  Don't forget the cough drops and lemons! That really is appreciated by the singers, down here coolers, with a few washrags and bottled water are much appresh too. Hmmm... I like to give material, Satin and the like to fellow dancers who I know are always working on their outfits. What else? Picture frames, I love those!
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                    I have a special coming up and I am stuck on what to give to men!!!! Any ideas? My pocket book is, well, on the light side, so something I can make is preferable.



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                      WOW! GREAT IDEAS!

                      thanks. As I am sure most of you know, when you get a couple of weeks away from a dance, you simply run out of ideas...these are marvelous and will help me immensley!

                      To add to this list, in case others are intersted...

                      try buying things like the unfinished coat racks in hobby stores and repaint 'em.

                      coasters - I have seen them beaded and made out of pendletons

                      there are these new little folding tables out on the market now, I'm gonna try those out this year.

                      thank you


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                        Some of the things I have seen at giveaways recently are quarts of motor oil, school supplies, coffee cups, hand made bags made out of trade cloth, pouches, bandanas, playing cards, hangers, fruit, canned nuts, tobacco, sweet grass, cedar, sage bundles.

                        I hope this helps


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                          Thanx! I know what you mean: I am having trouble trying to figure out gifts for men as well!
                          I usually get flashlight and tool sets, but the idea of a case of motor oil is great as well as affordable! What kind of all purpose oil is best? Could someone make suggestions?
                          I also think that if the guy is a "single" dude, we forget they need nice towels & other linens. My mom always gets towels w/a laundry basket and a nice sized box of Tide for men! (you could put some socks in there!)
                          She also gets gift assortments of full sized shampoo, conditioner and aftershave. Cosmetic representatives such as Mary Kay and Avon are dying to advertise their products to men and will give them to you.
                          My sister does a funny thing for guys who smoke: she get a plastic ashtray and writes in acrylic paint pen: _____ BUTTS ONLY! around it & gives it w/ a pack of disposable lighters.
                          Those new "rolling" duffle bags & coolers are good too! Throw a six of cokes inside.
                          Phone cards and disposable cameras are good for everyone! Have fun and remember that whatever you give is from your heart and will be appreciated!


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                            Here in the midwest I like to use 5W30.

                            hope this helps


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                              I like to give way bags of flaming cow turds. I generally reserve this for haloween night but I guess a powwow would work.



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