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    Anyone know of some instrcutions on making a pair of plains style mocs or a site that has instructions please post them up please i want to make and fully bead a pair for my outfit

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    Your best bet is to get Whispering Wind magazine and look for the back issues on moccasin making. They also sell a VERY good video on moccasins.



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      The Laubin Tipi book has decent instructions on how to make mocs.
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        Crazy Crow has a very good selection of books and videos about making moc's. Also if you can get a copy of an old Whispering Winds they have books and videos for sale also.


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          There are a lot of excellent products out on the market to help you with making plains style moccasins.

          1) The video "How to Make Moccasins Vol. 1
          Plains Indian hard sole style" is excellent for learning moccasin construction. It shows you everything from
          making your own pattern to how to put
          your moccs together.

          2) I have to agree with using the info found
          in Laubin's book, The Indian Tipi. There are many good suggestions for what to do when making moccs like using neatsfoot oil
          to make the soles more flexible.(This helps when you are trying to turn your moccs right side out.

          3) There is a Missouri River Pattern offered by both Crazy Crow, Written Heritage, and several other companies. This pattern is excellent being that it also gives you suggestions for the layout of your beads according to Lakota and Cheyenne styles of
          moccs. In my opinion, it is also a lot quicker to fit your feet to this pattern than it is to fiddle around with making your own pattern.

          4) Unless you plan to use rawhide for your soles, there is a really thick, white latigo(not the stuff sold by the companies
          which looks like it would wear out in a heart beat). The last time I bought some, it was at a Tandy Store. Soles made out of
          this latigo should last pretty long and won't stain the uppers of your moccs.

          Good luck with making your moccs.


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            There isn't a site anyone knows of , as you guys prolly already figured out i am pretty cheap. don't like paying for instructions hehe just can't afford it . Well maybe i will start my own site with this kind of information. If there is a site let me know


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              Where do you get the Laubin Tipi book?

              Thanks for the info


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                The Laubin's book, The Indian Tipi, is available through Crazy Crow and other mail order companies. When I bought it, I went to a local bookstore (Borders).

                If you are looking for a cheap way of getting a pattern, the Missouri River pattern is
                $6.95 via Written Heritage (the same people that produce Whispering Wind Magazine). It tells you everything you need to know about putting a pair of moccs together.

                Here's their number: 1-800-301-8009

                They may also have "The Indian Tipi".

                I don't know of any sites that have directions for moccasin construction.

                I hope this helps.

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