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    What is the best way to cut and make the old time small tin cones that you see on the older strike a lite bags. They are kind of irregular in shape but there nicer than the cloned ones you can buy. Thanks

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    There are several tools that will help you in rolling the old style tin cones. You should have a small pair of tin snips. Don't use the ones with serations on the edges of the cutting blades. Get the ones that look like a pair of snub nosed scissors. You need a metal punch. Look for one that has a pretty good taper to it. A pair of needle nosed pliars also helps.
    Practice on a piece of old coffee can. You can burn off the paint lable, and make them look old at the same time. Experiment with the size you want. Cut a few out and, while pincheing the edge of the cone with the pliers, you can start to roll the metal over to get the cone shape. I use the punch as a form after they are rolled, to sorta even them up. Remember, the old ones weren't all perfect, but they were generally pretty close to one another in size.
    After you have done a few, and are starting to get the hang of it, try a few out of thin German silver. they look great. A very small amount of heat will age these also. Curtis


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      Well said Ironwood. I use a pair of needle nose pliars that have been overhauled with a grinder and file. Grind the shape out that you like and then use them. Oh yes, the old ones seem to me to meet together at the seam and not overlap very much. Also, they don't neccesarily have to be flat across the bottom. Cut out your pieces in trapazoid shape, roll, and you will probably have a little jagged edge on the bottom. Either cut it off with cutters, or leave it on, as some of the old ones were made that way. I don't think the old timers were as particular as we are today.



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