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    Hey all. Just wondering what the concensus is on who makes the best roaches out there (Noc Bay, Crazy Crow, Doc's, Grey Owl, Matoska...) I traded my roach for a Mop Top. Even though I love it to death, it gets pretty hot underneath the cap, and I think a roach would be good for variety (and CIRCULATION). I've already made one 18" roach, and I know I could do it again (but come on who wants to go through that again???) :D Prices would help too...

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    Camille also made my roach. I love it! Very full, long hair, and built to last. Also, she will repair it anytime and didn't charge me a dime until I had the roach and was fully satisfied with it.


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      Do you have contact info?
      Chad Dancing Hawk


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        David Clayton in Jacksonville, FL makes a fine roach. I've had one of his for 10+ years and it still is as good as new. He also repairs roaches. He's a great source for either porky or turkey beard roaches. Highly recommended.


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          Camille Michaels is out of West Burlingon , Iowa (319) 754-4543. I know she comes up every summer to the Mascoutin Society's Osawan pow wow.


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            Here's Camille's email:

            [email protected]

            She was recently in the hospital, and she generally has a waiting list, so I don't know how quickly she could get a roach out to you.



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              Camille Michaels in Iowa made my two roaches. They are built like battle ships. I love them!



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                OK, first and foremost keep in mind that the larger companies do not make the roaches they sell, they buy them off roach makers. With that said I must go on and say that there are many excellent roach makers out there that make only a few a year (20 or less) and do not wholesale to the big trading posts. As for who the roach makers are that put out lots of roaches every year there are only about 5 around the US.

                They are;
                Doc's Roach factory - David Clayton
                Greasy Grass trading Post - Paul Daniels (don't know if he still sells retail?)
                Oklahoma Territory - Larry Kincer
                The Hawk Shop - Dennis 'Hawkeye' Hawkins
                Camille Michaels - (sorry I don't know her business name)
                (There is another fella that makes roaches and if I can find his name and info I will post it.)

                Now to name any of these as making the best roach I think that one need to have owned roaches from several, if not all, these makers to give a fair opinion on their work. The biggest problem with this is that if one buys a roach from a large company they have no clue who the roach maker is that made it. Many companies carry roaches made by several makers also. So you might not get the same makers work the next time you order from the same company. It is best to go to a roach maker in my opinion. Most folks don't really know how to judge what is good work in a roach, as long it is the color they want and the price is right they are happy.

                I have seen the work of every one of these makers and one could expect work ranging from decent to high quality pieces depending on who they choose. Each has a different style to their work. It all depends on what you want in your roach. Some of the makers use rope (cable cord), and other yarn in their bases. Some hand sew everything, while others use a sewing machine. One even glues them together in a process he calls vulcanizing. Unless one has owned, or made, many roaches they can't give a fair statement on which is the better or best work. I have chosen to hold my opinions on the 'best makers' work because I don't feel it right for me to say due to professional curtesy.

                Good luck on finding your next roach!

                "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." Pablo Picasso

                "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift...that is why is it called the Present." Master Oogway - KungFu Panda

                My comments are based on what I have been taught and my experiences over the years I have been around the circle. They should in no way be taken as gospel truths and are merely my opinions or attempts at passing on what I have learned while still learning more.


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                  Though I have not had the necessity to purchase any roaches (since I am female), I have seen a few roaches made by different roach makers. My bucks would have to go to Oklahoma Territory. Their roaches are elegant in appearance. When worn they lay very well. Have superior construction and I have never heard of anyone returning one of their roaches due to poor quality. Many of the top competition dancers around the country wear their roaches. In case you want to contact them here is there email address [email protected]


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                    hey donnye-
                    did you see the post in "trading post" called 'have we gotten the shaft?'

                    if not, check it out. i'll talk to you more about it later. just thought you should read it FYI.



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                      Yea, David Clayton does make very nice roaches, i agree with you Gary.

                      Mike ;)


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                        Definitely go with the private roach makers. I went with Grey Owl and was very disappointed. I ordered it in October and I have yet to receive it. I asked for my money back 2 weeks ago and I just got it today. It's been crazy. In the meantime I went with the Oklahoma Territory. He has been very patient, kind and personable. He's right when he speaks on big companies (powwowbum49). Hope this helps. I was apart of the "Have we gotten the shaft" posts. Please don't make the mistake I did. Now my boyfriend has to do one of his head dancing obligations without it (he borroed one). Hope this helps.


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                          Well This is my first Post. I have a roach made my Paul Daniels. He is a great guy and a good roach maker. His prices are the lowest that i cheched around on. I got a 18in w/ deer hair in and out with a custom color pattern for like $200. And it was done in only 2 weeks. I have been wanting another one myself lately because this one is 5 years and i would like one w/ different colors to change out with after dinner break.
                          Paul's contact info is
                          3941 Chamberlian Dr
                          Billings, MT 59101


                          MMB :)
                          Michael MedicineBear Mayo
                          ~Sure you can trust the Gov't; just ask any Ndn~


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                            I think that Richard Street is the best roachmaker. He charges more than others, but the quality of his work is very high. He has been asked to put his work in museums and in art shows. Oh yes, and he is Native American. :D

                            [ April 21, 2001: Message edited by: nativemom ]
                            It does not require many words to speak the truth.
                            Chief Joseph


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                              I agree camille Micheals is the best roach maker. She will custom die the deer hair if need be and also will make a child's roach. She's making one for my 1 year old son and matching the colors to his ribbon shirt.


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