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Perparing a wing for a fan (HELP!!! )

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  • Perparing a wing for a fan (HELP!!! )

    I'm sure there is someone on the board who has made a wing fan and I'm hopeing that I can get a few suggestions.

    I have two wings(Golden Eagle)that I would like to make into fans,But both wings have dried and the feathers arn't faned out.

    Is there a way to fan out the feathers after the they have dried?I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.THANKS!!!


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    You could start by sending them to me. Ha
    One thing at a time...


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      You might have to remove each individual feather from the bone. Then you can arrange the feathers the way you want and glue/sew them together into a handle.


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        In the past I have dried wings using a combination of alum and salt mixed into water. Soak the wings for a week. Take em out and open them up. Let them dry for a week and they should stay. I have done this on the same wing twice, because I wasn't happy with how it set the first time. Seems to have worked to soak it the second time. The wing was pliable, though stiff, and opened up fine. Not sure if it'll work for you, but it did for me. Might depend on how you dried it the first time, or how long it's been dried. My 2 cents.

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          On thing I do to keep the fan open is too put a little weight on the fan to keep the feathers spread. Be careful though - you don't want to crush them!


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            Another way that I've seen is to run wire through the quill (low enough into the feather that it doesn't show and place large beads (Crow beads or the like) between the quills. This gives added support and keeps the feathers spread apart.


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              Check the archives there is a thread that was saved and stored there that discussed several ways of doing what you want. One of the member described how to open a dried wing and how to preserve it and I discussed how and why I choose to pull the feathers and then put them back toegther to look like a wing again. It should be in general or crafts archive.

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                The Person who wanted to know where my husband got his Wings!! He is registered
                with fish and wild life, and recieved a bird.




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                  Sorry I didn't get back sooner to thank ya'll for your suggestions,I've been busy and I haven't had a chance to play on my computer.

                  Thanks for your help! I did have to rule out one suggestion "SORRY WYAT!!!" maybe next time LOL

                  THANKS AGAIN!!!
                  POWWOW TIL YA DROP!!!


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                    Wow, what an education. Most of my experiences are with fresh kills, not those previously dried. I will have to try the soaking method to see what happens.

                    One thing I have done to help speed the drying process is to use Borax. Once you have the wing shaped in the manner you want, you can apply the power to the bone area. It helps it dry much faster than leaving to air dry. Take care not to get too much on the feathers, though. It can be difficult to get out of the feathers sometimes...

                    Hope you find this helpful...


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                      One thing I did that worked for me was, after the wing was soaked and pliable and air dried a little (where the wing is not soaking wet ) is to pin it (under wing up) to a board in the shape I wanted and let it dry again. Worked fine! :D
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