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Finding straight feathers

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  • Finding straight feathers

    I want to make a fan and I would like to know where I could find some decent straight feathers. I've looked everywhere, craftstores, bead suppliers and all I found where these cheap white goose feathers that bend every which way but straight up. I don't even want to talk about the ones that are suppose to look like eagle feathers.
    So far, I used the cheap white feathers, they are so fragile that a dancer ran past me and the end of a feather broke off and now my fan is looking pretty ragged.
    I'm looking for some wild bird feathers large enough to make a fan. Not really looking for eagle feather, the ones painted to look like "real" eagle feathers may be an option.
    I am open to any suggestions.

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    If you want some really straight feathers for
    a fan, you should go with the hand painted
    feather made to look like eagle feathers. The
    people that paint these feathers straighten them out before painting them. They are raggedy looking and don't need trimming. You
    may pay a little more for them, but these feathers a worth it.

    These feathers can be found via any of the mail order companies like Crazy Crow or Noc Bay. I believe both of these companies have a

    You also might want to check out this site for fan construction. Good luck with making your fan.

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      What kind of fan? Maccaw feathers make fine flat fans or loose fans, and the feathers can be found at petstores. Some give them away and some dont. Also, pheasant feathers make good loose fans. For wing fans, find a canadian goose wing. The feathers are gray and make descent fans. You can use the wing itself, or put the feathers on extenders and into a handle. Hope this helps.

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        I have a bias against painted feathers. Seems to me that once the veins "split," they can't be put together again. If you look at a natural feather, you will notice that the veins have little "zippers." Unpainted feathers can be "re-zipped," where painted feathers' zipper "teeth" break because of the paint.

        (This is where a visual aid comes in REALLY handy!)

        Anyway, my advice is to steer clear of painted feathers. OTR mentioned Canada goose, macaw, and pheasant. I add turkey (cinnamin looks good), domestic goose and peahen WING feathers to that list.
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          Well it seems u have straight feathers in front of you all the time. What u do is take a 200 w lightbulb and touch the stem onto the light , and this will straight out the feather for you. don't touch the eather part just the stem but their cheap feathers so practice a little to get it right it should staigten for you


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            That lightbulb idea is okay if you don't mind being blind for two days. Maybe iron them instead.
            Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.


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              Thanks for the website but couldn't get to it. Could you send it again or let me know what site to look for.

              Cree Grandma


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                I agree with DCP. The hand painted imitation feathers look real nice but I don't think they last as long. I have a bustle that looks it is five years old made out of hand painted feathers when it is less than two years old. It is really the ability to have the feather veins go back together when they seperate. The hand painted ones the paint prevents you from allowing the veins to rejoin or "rezippering . That is my personal expereince with hand painted feathers.


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                  I believe that seagulls are basically "rats with wings," but for some reason the government sees fit to protect them despite their HUGE numbers. I wouldn't "plug-em" if I were you!
                  Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.


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                    Good point about the painted feathers. I havent used them for some time now due to that same reason. The tips break off, they split and fade. There's too many other kinds of natural feathers out there to be using them in my opinion. Try some more exotic turkey feathers, some of them look actually pretty descent too.

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                      I concur DCP. Living near the beach, I hate those birds. On to the painted feathers again. A friend of mine told me a good tip to keep them "nice". Put sticky, clear, contact paper on the backs of them and trim it to the shape of the feather. It keeps the feathers from splitting. The negative side is they can make a bustle or a fan heavy, and they still look kinda corny.

                      The expressed opinions above are not particularly the opinions of the author's friends, family, or employer.


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                        Have you ever tried pea-hen feathers?
                        They look pretty much like eagles,are not painted and are legals
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                          Thanks for the input guys I'll have to find a canadian supplier, there might be problems ordering something stateside and having it stopped at customs.
                          I think I'll leave the light socket trick alone, my hair might end up striaght up and the feather will still be bent.


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                            Sorry straightdancerinaz, didn't intend to dub you birdkiller.
                            Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.


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                              When I was at Gathering of Nations their was a vendor sell feathers that were the spitting image of eagle feathers. You could not tell the difference. They were Blue Earred
                              Pheasant Feathers. They were the under tail just like the red tops and orange tops. They are really great looking. The only thing is the vendor was selling them are such an expense price.

                              So if you can find a vendor that sells pheasant feathers back east that are Blue earred pheasant do it. It'll really get the feds going.


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