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  • Fingerweaving

    Sometimes a softer baby weight of the same ply will work.

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    I use a knitting needle made for socks to put the strings over to start and use an embroidery hoop to hold it tight as I go down the sides. It works for me and makes it very portable. How long? about 10 years when needed.


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      You may want to check out a new book which has just been published on Fingerweaving.
      "A Manual of Fingerweaving" by Robert J. Austin. Available from Crazy Crow.

      Bob Austin is a true MASTER & your questions are answered there. The Osage keep him very busy!
      Cat & Dog ...Another white meat.


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        I aslo bought several sets from the cousin.
        But a new group has taken over the company and are advertised in Whispering Wind. The quality is the same and better. Prices are still good for this type of work.



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          I purchased a set of these from Two Pony Trading Post at National this past summer and it is a great set. Good quality and great colors--wish I could afford another couple of sets.


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            National was great, it was the first one I had been too and I really enjoyed it. The Southern Drum was made up of several groups.

            The Northern Drums were Blue Star, Tas'unka, and Lakeside.

            The Hethuska was wonderful also, love dancing with 100 Straight Dancers!

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              [QUOTE]Originally posted by pgowder:
              [B] The Southern Drum was made up of several groups.

              The So Drum was a handpicked core of 10 singers. The remainder were folks who wanted to help and be part of it. It was good and that's an understatement. ;-)
              Cat & Dog ...Another white meat.


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                [QUOTE]Originally posted by straightdancerinaz:
                It is my understanding that the fingerwoven sets we wear in our straight dance attire are representative of scalps, is this true?

                Historically, the Osage had a particular way of dealing with scalps and they were never worn as an item of clothing, in fact, they were thrown away.

                "They also had some size 18 beads if anyone is looking. Not many takers from what the storekeeper told me, just two elderly ladies who come in twice a year to load up on em for belt buckles."

                You can buy 18/0-22/0 in NYC by the loose kilo. Limited colors. Can't walk in off the street but have to have a well established account. This size bead was never really used by Indian people except on a few maritime pieces.

                Moire taffeta can be found in any decent fabric store especially in ethnic neighborhoods in the larger cities. They carry the old pure colors vs the trashy pastels usually found elsewhere. You rarely find pastels in Indian work and I've seen tons of it, however, there is an occasional modern aberration.

                Cat & Dog ...Another white meat.


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