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HorseHair on my Bustle

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  • HorseHair on my Bustle

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    I'm trying to decide wheather or not to
    add Horsehair to the ends of my feathers
    on my Bustle, I don't want to mess it up.
    Anybody have any answers for me? HELP!

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    I have horse hair on my bustles. I attach it by gluing it down at the end and then taking a leather dot the size of a nickel and glue the leather on top of the horse hair. I havn't lost one yet.


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      Hey, Thanks for the help, this will be my
      next Winter project, after X-Mas Powwow
      in Salt Lake City,Utah Walk-In Center.
      Any kind of special glue? Thanks


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        Howdy! I have a double bustle. ya know one outside row and a smaller bustle inside that sorta thing.. anyways.. I used horse hair on the tips and it really helps add that old style look to the bustle. I added for more reasons then that, but it does give it alot of motion, and acents the movements.. the hair swings around and dances as I dance..its cool lookin for sure! anyhow.. I use Tacky glue for the attachments.. DONT USE HOT GLUE!! it will ruin your feather tips, and doesnt come off once its on.. besides tacky glue will remove with hot water and that way you can re use your eagle feathers from your old bustle if you want to... I like knowin that I havent done any permanent damage to the feathers..

        Take care


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          Sneakup 49,

          I use Elmers Glue. hope this helps



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            I've been told that elmers glue is a lot easier to get off the feather if you want to remove the horse hair. It just comes off with water. Also, I was told by one individual that horse hair is not the best option. It gets tangled and if it gets caught on something while your dancing it can ruin your feathers. This individual told me that angora tufts are your best bet. They don't tangle and aren't long enough to get caught on anyting, but they still add contrast and a little bit of motion. Cut them into small squares and glue them on with Elmers. I'm constructing my first bustle and I'm going to use the angora. Hope this helps.


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