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    Well said, rabbitbelly. That is the right idea someone sitting on drum should have.


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      Some of the items I have gotten the most use of are drum stick bags and cushions with ribbon work on them. I also recieved a really cool minature sofa that was actually a cover for a box of kleenex! The material is a cool calico and the sofa has pillows attached! Vests with ribbon work are also inexpensive and appreciated.

      As for the practice of scattering candy, no personal attach, but I don't really care for the practice. I think our kids can be kids without teaching them to go grabbing and scrambling like a pack of starved dogs. May I suggest treat my with respect by handing them a bag and shaking thier hand. Bottles of bubbles seem to be very popular with kids, by the way.

      There also seems to be a common practice (by the person speaking) to apologize for the time taken to have the giveaway. DON'T! It's an important lesson and as much a part of the powwow as anything. Just have someone speak who can keep it moving, calling those names. Good luck and nice effort!



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        It's not necessarily the person speaking who keeps things going, it's the organization that goes into the giveaway that keeps it running smoothly. My suggestion is -- don't use a written list and then try to find the gift for the person whose name has been called out. Label everything you plan to give away. Have someone help you by picking up the item, saying the name to the person speaking and then hand the item to you. This keeps the "event" running smoothly. When I've had giveaways, the only items that I have stacked in a special "me first" pile are those for the principals...HD, HS, MC, AD, etc.


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          THANK YOU! I could not agree more. It chaps my hide when people apologize for taking up time for giveaways. I was told a long time ago that it isn't a powwow without a giveaway, and that will always stay with me.
          Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.


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