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  • Bustles

    Howdy! My friend and I where talin about bustles and what folks use for making the feathers stick out farther.I guesse a person could call them "quill Extentions"
    I thought it might be a topic for this forum. Just Curious!
    Take Care.

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    i usually just use wooden dowels that are small enough to fit in the quill. I have found that with alot of the smaller feathers like hawk you can use those bbq bamboo skewers and they fit perfectly...
    Robert Laughing Owl


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      Bamboo skewers work well. They do come in different thicknesses, too. Because they bend, they also give the feathers a little extra bounce to add to the bustle's movement.
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        dowels work well. I have also heard about people that have used graphite rods- but I think the graphite rods are a bit expensive.


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          I just use wooden dowels....graphite can make a bustle heavy and the bamboo can break easier...
          wooden dowls on hawk works great...when u get to the smaller feather just chip off the tips to make the dowel fit...
          also i like to use the black duck tape to tape them on the dowels...hate using glue or staples or whatever else...find the tape to work best for me...also on the hawk bustles...when taping the feather on...u can run the tape all the way down the rod to make it stronger...for just incase a rod does brake the tape keeps it together still...i usually rap my dowels with yarn or the thread stuff(not sure what it is called)
          also when stringing up eagle bustles i like to use shoe strings through the quill...easier to work with...and u can slide them easy when putting it together or at a powwow and straiting it out...but hawk bustles i use sinew...shoe strings r to big...i never use beads because i like my bustle to move....flop a little...

          i can go on about making them...i love to do it...and pretty good at it...a few members have seen mine and my sons...i take real pride in making them...
          but i hope this helps anyone that needs it


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            Depends on what kind of feathers youre using.
            If youre using smaller feathers like goose or small raptor feathers, go with the bamboo skewers. I made a Canadian goose bustle about 3 years ago with skewers and it is still in great condition. If the feathers are larger like eagle or a similar bird, go with dowels.

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              i have found that chop sticks work great also.

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                Wow! there are a lot of different ways! I've used enything from Bick Pen tubes to heavey duty plastic straws! I like using those thick staws, it makes the bustles light and a person dosnt have to cut the feather quill. I thought about using chopsticks once but didnt know if they would work to good. Glad to know they do. Maybe I'll use them next time, But I just know I will get teased by my WWII(pasific theater), Korea and Vietnam War Veteran uncles! we'll see

                Take care


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