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  • otters

    what would be a good way to do an otter breastplate?? (backing, fringle and acseries)


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    How much time do you have?

    You could fully quill-wrap the edges like the Lakota did in the late 1800s(quilled all the way around except the tail) or just at the end after cutting the head off the pelt.

    You could fringe it out in buckskin instead of the quillwork.

    You could wear the otter like a bandolier (over one shoulder) which gives a nice, modern look.

    I like the look of the small round mirrors. For a bit more color you can pop off the metal backing, wrap it in calico cloth and put it back together. Then add small ribbon dangles from behind the mirrors.

    If you don't like mirrors, quilled medicine wheels are a nice way to deck it out.

    If you're a veteran, you could put your medals on it, which would also look keen.

    It would be a good idea to back the pelt to protect it from sweat. Some folks use a towel or cloth. I've also seen people just duct-tape the back of it, which repels sweat well.

    Hope this helps.
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      i have all the time in the world. this is going for a new outfit that i am going to be bringing out at the end of the winter.



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        Hey WW,---We backed mine with duct tape and then sewed calico over that.For the fringe we used old time gold fringe,and used ribbon backed mirrors with every other one having a quilled wheel.Many of the older craft magazines have good articles that I have access to on otter - b/plates.Let me know if you want some copies--everybody loves research.


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