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  • Our words.....

    I would like to write a few quotes: You all can write down meaningful sayings and quotes.

    Heres #1:
    We bind ourselves together by taking hold of each other's hands so firmly and forming a circle so strong that if a tree should fall upon it, it could not shake, nor break the circle, so that our people and grandchildren shall remain in the circle in security, peace, and happiness.

    You think you can hold us with your words, imprison us with your fears, You cannot hold us, We are the wind and the rain, You will not shake us, We are the strenght of the Badlands, ancient and young,
    We are the Elements, We are the Fire....

    "The earth does not belong to us, We belong to the earth" -Chief Seattle-

    Write Down what your heart feels......
    write down your powerful words........


    May the Great Spirit Be with all.....


  • #2
    Let put our spirits together and see what futur we can make for our children

    Tatanka yotake

    They made us many promesses,but they only kept one.They promessed to take our land and they did.
    Mahpia Luta
    Hate is for FOOLS!And fools like m&ms come in all colors

    I am ready to tell you my secret now,I see dumb people,.I see them everywhere.They dont know they're dumb,they only see what they want to see.That weird feeling which make the hair on your neck stand up....thats them!


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      One does not sell the earth upon which the people walk...
      Crazy Horse

      Only the mountains live long.
      White Antelope in his death song at Sand Creek


      • #4
        "We are the D.N.A of the earth,
        We are related to the universal,
        We are the forms and shape of the earth,
        We are human beings".


        • #5
          Hate, Rage! Who wants to be on center stage? Would somebody please turn thier page, or at least remind them of thier age?
          By Dawn Brandle.
          ( I write this about politics back in 1986)


          • #6
            "Live long and prosper."

            "There is nothing more dangerous than ignorance in action."


            • #7
              Oh i got lots of these LOL

              "Life is the flash of a firefly in the night,
              It is the breath of a byffalo in the winter,
              It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset"

              "Not in the time of pleasure hope doth set her bow, but in the sky of sorrow, over a vale of woe. Through gloom and shadow look we on beyond the years: For the soul would have no rainbow...had the eyes shed no tears"
              -John Vance Chenay

              AND a Personal Favorite!

              "There were but two beneath the sky-
              The thing I wished to kill, And I.
              I, under covert, quietly
              Watched him sense eternity
              From quivering brush to pointed nose
              My bow to my shoulder level rose.
              And then I felt but could not see,
              Far off a hunter watching me.
              I slowly put my bow by,
              For there were two who had to die-
              The thing I wished to kill...and I."
              - author unknown
              Adelisg detsol?


              • #8
                "All you need is love..."

                "Every rose has it's thorn..."

                "Give peace a chance..."

                What I am may be my parents' fault-what I remain is my responsibility.


                • #9
                  We The People Of Our Land, Teach The Spirits to our children and walk with them hand in hand. Teach as once,as you were done.And they will pass it over to generations to come.Teach them with Strength, Courage, and Love.Make them understand the meaning us.Stand together,Forever, for they are the meaning of life.Our children, our land, our animals, and of course, OUR RIGHTS!!!!!!


                  • #10
                    We Are Not Seperate

                    We are not seperate beings, you and I.
                    We are different strands of the same Being.

                    You are me and I am you
                    and we are they and they are us.

                    This is how we're meant to be,
                    each of us one,
                    each of us all.

                    You reach out across the void of Otherness to me
                    and you touch your own soul!

                    -Leonard Peltier

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                      "Think not forever of yourselves, O Chiefs, nor of your own generation. Think of continuing generations of our families, think of our grandchildren and of those yet unborn, whose faces are coming from beneath the ground."

                      Words spoken by Peacemaker, founder of the Iroquois Confederacy.

                      "I myself have no power. It's the people behind me who have the power. Real power comes only from the Creator. It's in His hands. But if you're asking about strength, kashastenshera, not power, then I can say that the greatest strength is gentleness."

                      Leon Shenandoah, Tadodahoh of the Iroquois Confederacy.

                      "A good mind and a good heart-those are what you need to be a good leader."

                      Louis Farmer, Onondaga Iroquois

                      "These are our times and our responsibilities. Every human being, Onkwehonwe, has a sacred duty to protect the welfare of our Mother Earth, Iethinestenha Ohwentsiate, from whom all life comes. In order for us to do this we must recognize the enemy-the one within us. We must begin with ourselves."

                      Leon Shenandoah, Tadodahoh of the Iroquois Confederacy.
                      Skennen enhsenontonnionhake - May you have peace in your mind and heart.

                      [This message has been edited by Tree (edited January 17, 2001).]
                      Skennen enhsenontonnion':hake - May you have peace in your mind and heart.


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                        'dont drop the soap'

                        thats my word of, iam kidding.

                        'if you listen to the spirits in the wind, maybe they ll listen to you'




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                          This is written on the back of a keyring that was a gift to me when I bought my home. I keep my house keys on it. There is no mention of who said it-if anyone recognizes it please tell me whose quote it is.
                          "Let me be a free man-free to travel, free to stop, free to work, free to trade where I choose, free to choose my own teachers, free to follow the religion of my fathers, free to think and talk and act for myself."



                          • #14
                            I wander there where my people dwell
                            I wander there at the house of red earth and rocks
                            I wander within the house made of long life
                            I wander within the house made of beauty
                            I wander along the path of long life and happiness
                            I shall go on wandering the trail in beauty
                            -Navajo Blessingway Song-


                            • #15
                              "Walk your talk, dont talk your walk"


                              This above thine own self be true.


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