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Porky Roach for traditional dancers?

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  • Porky Roach for traditional dancers?

    i saw a man at a powwow that i went to last rummer wearing a Porkie roach (IM SURE IT WASENT HORSE HAIR) with a ribbon shirt etc etc. is that fairly true to Traditional dance style...if it is does any one know where i can get a kit for a roach?


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    Probably 95% of all Northern Traditional dancers do wear a porcupine roach with deer guard hair usually in colors matching or complementing the outfit. I would highly recommend that you consider saving your money and purchasing a nice roach. Most dancers wear a roach that is between 18"-22" in length. The cost of the roach would depend upon where you purchase it and how elaborate the deer hair colors are, but a nice one could be purchased in the $170-$200 range. I have gotten three roaches from a man named Paul Daniels in Montana and they are built well and he doesn't overcharge. You can reach him in Billings, MT at (406) 896-0914. Hope this helps, Scott


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      Camille Michaels of Bettendorf, Iowa builds roaches like battleships. THey come wiht a lifetime garuntee. If you are ever unhappy or it needs work, sent it back and she'll fix it. She gets jammed up right before Christmas.


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        Hey CEM do u have some contact info for her?


        Work like you don't need the money, Love like you never been hurt, and Dance like nobody is watching.

        Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching.


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          I tell every new dancer that I really suggest that they buy thier first roach. I've seen some really nice first attempts, but I've also seen some real bad ones to. Crazy Crow sells a kit for about $50 and it will take you maybe a 100 hours if your lucky. You can get alot of outfit parts made in that 100 hours. Scott has made some very good suggestions about where to get one, and I think it would be a good investment for the ong run.


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            RandyE is right,you should buy your first roach.I know it takes alot time to build a good one.Maybe you can get a kit and work on it in your spare time.
            I bought a kit 4 years ago and I haven't finished seperating the quills yet,it's tedious and time comsuming work.
            POWWOW TIL YA DROP!!!!
            POWWOW TIL YA DROP!!!


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              Getting back to the origial question:
              The porky roach is worn because that was the insignia of the Grass Dance (warrior society). The other warrior societies wore other types of insignia to distinguish one from the other. The Grass Dance Society has become the modern pow-wow.


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                I agree with CEM. Camille Michaels makes some the finest roaches I've ever seen. I wear one of hers and I'm extremely happy with it. I'm also proud to dance wearing it. Here's the contact info that I have.

                Camille Michaels
                507 Leffler
                West Burlington, Iowa 52655

                Ph. (319) 754-4543


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                  I agree with all of you! Buying a roach is VERY worth it. I made my first one and it took about 2 years. Yes, there is a degree of feelings of accopmplishment that comes along with it. But at the same time, it could've been 2 years spent working more on my other outfit parts. I can now say that i made my own roach, but buying one from someone who is well-known for building roaches is definitely the way to go in my opinion.


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                    Crazy Crow has an ok kit but by far the best Roach Kit on the market is put out buy NocBay trading Co. out of Escanaba, MI here is there # 800-652-7192. The directions in this kit far surpass any other on the market. There is also another roach maker that does excellent work if you are going to buy one premade. Oklahoma Territory in Indiana # 812-988-2989 and email is [email protected]

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                      This is what I have been told about the Ta-tsi-tse (roach - deer tail). At least part of it's origin came from a Pawnee fire ceremony where the roach was a symbol of that ceremony. The red deer hair was the fire. The black turkey bread stood for the smoke from the fire and the single eagle feather stood for the priest, healer, person using the fire. The eagle feather in the fire represented the fact that the person was not being consumed in the flames. Many wardance organizations use the roach. Before a man is put into the Inlonshka the man has his Mon-shon Xu-tha (eagle feather)put into his roach. Today all men's styles of dance wear a roach it is kinda standard issue. I would think it stems back to the Ohmaha dance (grass dance) that both Traditional and Straight dance came from.

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