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  • straightening feathers

    ok, what ways do you guys use to straighten feathers? i know there are a few ways, but what are your personal favorites?
    me, i stick to ironing.

    go with it...



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    I run mine across a lightbulb....

    bluewolf :D
    Life is short, so Powwow Hard!
    Life is short, so Powwow Hard!


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      I wear two pair of sunglasses and run them over a lightbulb (prevents that 'sunspot' effect ) -- My boyfriend says it's a good look for me :-D



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        I also iron my feathers. I set the iron on low heat. It's the fastests way i've founde to straighten them, and it get's 'em really nice and flat.



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          do you use a cloth over the feathers or not? i usually do and it still seems to work fine. i'm not sure how much better it'll be if i don't use it, though.
          and my mom doesn't want me melting feathers on her good iron either



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            When you say iron feathers does that mean you work the feather on the iron surface as you would a light bulb. Or do you iron the feathers like you would clothing on an ironing board. I'm confused
            One thing at a time...


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              I iron my feathers also. Use an ironing board like you're ironing clothes. I don't use cloth over the feathers. I just iron them directly on low to medium heat. Just use care not to hold the iron in one place too long or the feather will scorch.
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                Can someone explain the light bulb trick? I've always heard about it, but I've never known how to actually do it. I also never thought about ironing a feather. Does it just work to flatten it, or can it also straighten it? I'll try it with some hawk or turkey feathers first! Wouldn't want to ruin any eagle. I would appreciate any info. Mvto!


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                  well a couple of my friends say that they steam their feathers, and then place them in a book. I guess it works really well because all of their fans and roach feathers are very very straight.


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                    I iron my feathers just like you would iron cloths, on a board. No cloth over the top. Just set the iron on low to medium.


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                      The light bulb trick is rather easy, but strap on some sunglasses. Hold the feather in both hands and apply the quill to the top of the bulb. As the quill heats up, slowly bend the feather against the natural curve. Do this up and down the quill. Release one hand periodically to check on the amount of straightening that has occured. Don't rush it or try to bend too much. Always try it first on scrap feathers so you can perfect the technique. It works well. I've never tried the ironing board thing, but may just to see how it works. Good luck.


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                        Another way is to use the edge of the iron and touch it to the quill in a few places. Then you iron it between some cloth. This wil keep them really nice and straight. Ive done this with a few eagle feahers and where the quill is crimped Ive painted it.
                        Defintely try it on trukey or something else before doing eagle. That goes without saying but hey...youve got all sorts of people out there,
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                          Hey Guys -
                          The light bulb trick worked very well! I got a feather straightened out that I had wanted to for a long time. The ironing board thing worked good to flatten the feather, but I didn't have much luck straightening them. Maybe I was just too scared to leave it on there long enough. :D Anyway, thanks for the info!


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