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Needing someone to make a traditional bustle!

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  • Needing someone to make a traditional bustle!


    Several weeks ago I bought a kit to make a traditional bustle. Slight problem though, I have no clue where to start and I'm slowly running out of time since I graduate college in May. My focus has been on primarily on my studies rather than my dance regalia. Can anyone recommend someone near north Louisiana that would be willing to make it for me, or is anyone willing to help me out?
    Thanks ya'll,
    Jim Phelps

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    Unless you have a great need to get the bustle done asap, I wouldn't worry about rushing to get it done. When I started dancing, a man told me to take care of school first. Pow-wows have been around for a long time and they'll be there when you graduate.
    Take your time and do a nice job on your bustle after you graduate. If you rush the job, there is a good chance that you will not be happy with it and want to make a new one right away. I've been there, done that, and bought the t-shirt.

    You are in a really busy semester right now. My guess is that on top of having to write papers and study for tests, you are probably also interviewing for a job and trying to figure out where you are going to move to. You probably have a job on top of all of this . It's great to see your enthusiasm, but you've got a full plate right now.

    I'm sure you'd like to have your new bustle for all of the dances this summer, but I'd recommend you concentrate on your studies and spend all of your free time hanging out with your friends before you have to graduate. Besides, you'll spend the rest of your life working on your outfit. You've got time.



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      Thanks for your response. Those sound like the same words I would have given someone if they were asking me such a question. But, I'm very anxious to dance. Inside I feel I have good reasons for my impatience. I want dance to become alive again on my reservation before I move away again for more school. Part of our culture is fading away and that distresses me. Again, I'd like to ask if anyone can help me in making a traditional bustle?


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        Check out Wispering Wind. :)
        Migwetch, WPD
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          I have a kit, but having a real tough time finding someone to put it all together. I know there's gotta be someone out there......


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            I live in wakefield la . i have built several bustles for myself . what kind of kit do you have and how many feathers?and also what is the deadline on it ?I can probably put it together for you .PM me and give me some info about it .
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