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  • Drinking, Drumming, and Dancing

    I have recently attended several pow-wows and after each pow-wow I have become more and more troubled with the behavior of some of our dancers, singers, and pow-wow people. It seems every night after the pow-wow ends, everyone wants to go party, meaning get drunk. I do not drink alcohol or abuse substances of any kind, and I try not to pass judgement on those who do, but lately I have become more upset by this behavior. I admit that I have lost respect for several people because of their constant drinking after the pow-wow, and I know I am not the only one. Why do so many of our people drink and party up at pow-wows. I understand folks want to have a good time, but I though that was what the dancing and singing was about- at least for me it is.

    Its just that we always have so many kids at the PWs and I hate to hear in grand entry the next morning who got drunk, who snagged, etc. As adults we need to act more responsible and accept accountability for our actions.

    Lets generate some discussion on this topic- it is important that we do not let alcohol and drugs ruin our Pow-wows!!! (please keep in mind I am talking about drinking and drugs after the PW has ended for that day- not during the PW)

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    Sad to say but that happens a lot on the circuit and I just try and turn away from that sort of behavior as well. I don't do anything at all and it makes me a little angry and sad but I just think that the people who do "partake" should set an example for others and not boast about it or whatever!!
    I've seen people smoke up before dancing too and I don't mean good ol' tobacco and I think that sucks as well!!
    My opinion....
    Dancing Bear


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      playing devils advocate here. . .how can actions of other people at night ruin a pow wow for you? i like to go out with those people that go to party at night. i don't drink or do drugs. just like the company and like to meet new people. not everyone out there is all spiritual about pow wows. the reality is that people like to have a few beers at night. plus, you meet many different people out. just ignore them and don't let it ruin it for you.


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        The reality is that Native people suffer from alcoholism and alcohol related deaths at rates much higher than the rest of society. Why encourage this destructive behavior at pow-wows?


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          Also- I am proactive person, not passive, so I can't just sit back and "ignore" anything.


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            Okay, I will be the first to admit that yes, I used to party like everyone. And no, I am not saying I will never do it again. But some of what Tigerlily is saying, why do people have to go out and get totally wasted? Nativelohaus, I know people like to have a few beers that is one thing but I know exactly what Tigerlily is talking about. And it is not only adults. This is 13, 14, 15 and up year olds. Getting totally drunk. These people are getting TOTALLY WASTED staying up all night till 5,6 a.m. getting just a couple of hours of sleep, then they are at the pow-wow for Grand Entry. And asleep on every break they can get. WOW, that looks really nice doesn't it??? With their red eyes. And when they sweat you can smell the beer. That is what Tigerlily is talking about. But when the pow-wow is over they are ready to party again! How can you truly have respect for a person like that? What do you tell your child when they want to know what is wrong with Uncle or Auntie that day?? Mommy, why is Auntie asleep in the corner during intertribal?? What do you say? Oh, they had a rough night? Just like last weekend, and the weekend before that! And then hope that Auntie is not one of the people making noise in hotel room across the hall that wakes your child at 3 a.m.
            This is what Tigerlily is talking about:(
            Becky B.


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              Its a question of respect and obviously the people who drink at powwow do not have any! Alcohol and indian way don't mix!!
              So make a choice you party animals out there!
              Hate is for FOOLS!And fools like m&ms come in all colors

              I am ready to tell you my secret now,I see dumb people,.I see them everywhere.They dont know they're dumb,they only see what they want to see.That weird feeling which make the hair on your neck stand up....thats them!


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                i think that you tell them the truth. . .that your baby's aunt or uncle is a drunk. why sugar coat it? children need to know the effects of alcohol. sheltering a person from the truth isn't going to do any good. inform your children about what is going on and teach them right. set an example for them. if you can't sit back and not do anything, then get up and do something. if a person is dancing around drunk out there, then tell the arena director you don't like it. i have seen people kicked out because they were still drunk trying to sing or dance. cost them a first place which was about $800.00. oh yeah, there are pow wows for peole that don't drink. . . i think they are called sobriety pow wows. don't know if you have them around your way or not. i would think that would be the only way to guarantee to you and your family that the drunks are staying home.


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                  NDN QT- You know exactly what I was talking about. But I agree w/ nativelohaus that we have to tell our kids the truth- that Auntie or Uncle or their favorite dancer was drunk last night and this is how it can effect you. And we have sobriety PWs out here- lol, and people still PARTY UP the end of each session. It is very sad because at the end of the first night they do this candle lighting to celebrate sobriety - and then everyone leaves to go get drunk. Some sobriety PW....


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