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  • Natives in Olympic Opening

    There's going to be NDN's involved in the Grand opening of the winter Olympics. There's dancers, singers and dignitaries from the five tribes of Utah going to be there.

    Look for Sadie Buck from the Six Nations of the Grand River singing at the opening.:)

    It's so cool to know somebody doing something at the Olympics.

    Those of you who know tradish dancer Carmen, watch for her. She'll be there too!

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    If the horse is dead, dismount.


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      Last night at the Sweet Hearts Pow-Wow, I heard that NIVA, (NorthWest Indian Veterans Association) was going to be involved with two ceremonies. They are partaking in a ceremony to honor Buddy Mills, (I think that is what they said.) He is a former NDN gold medal winner for those who don't know. So much NDN representation is great! :p


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        Wow! It's about time there was an interesting opening games for the Olympics...

        "I want to be the toy in your cereal box
        I want to be Carter at your peace talks
        I want to get almost too familiar
        But still notice the way that you walk"

        --- Glen Phillips "Easier"


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          Hey Kiwehnzii!

          Is the Carmen you mentioned, Carmen Martineau by any chance?




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            when is the olympics, what time?


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              Hi Rainwoman - Billy Mills is the name of the gold medal winner. He won it in the 10,000 meter run, in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. He is a member of the Oglala Lakota nation. He is currently the spokesman for "Running Strong For American Indian Youth. A project of Christian Relief Services.

              Clangfancy07 you asked, "when is the olympics, what time?"
              the opening ceremonies are on Friday night 2/8, at 8:00 pm easter standard time on NBC.

              My husband told me CNN just showed the torch being passed in Utah by Natives in full regelia.

              I'm gonna get me some :15: and spend Friday night in front of the TV I think this is SOOOOOOOO COOL! :dancer:
              If the horse is dead, dismount.


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                Just Beautiful ! !

                Hello all,
                I just spend rehearsing for the Opening ceremony last night. What a beautiful sight! It was very emotional for us knowing that the Native Americans will be reconize all over the world. So please pass the word on to watch Friday Feb 8th on NBC.


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                  This is mega cool - thanks for sharing this Info!!!! :D:D
                  Everything is gonna be alright!

                  Be blessed - got love???

                  This b me.....



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                    I have some friends involved too!

                    A dance team will be involved in the olympic festivities from Wiconi Int'l Ministries. Some of you may know Richard Twiss, and Dan LaPlant, or maybe Robert Soto. I'm not sure if Robert or Richard will be there, but I know Dan will...

                    This is too cool!

                    ~~"Before I judge a man, I walk a mile in his moccasins. Then if I don't like him, I'm a mile away from him, and I still have his moccisins... R. LeVesque."~~


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                      Watch tonight!!!!

                      Don't forget to watch the Opening ceremony tonight on NBC.


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                        NDN Friend is a Dineh and will be in tonights ceremony, her two childeren will be the ribbon dancers. Be sure to watch history being made. They do this for all native peoples...past ..present .. and future. I am soooo proud!!!!
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                        "We see it as a desecration not only of a mountain but of our way of life. This is a genocidal issue to us. If they kill this mountain, they kill our way of life." ~Debra White Plume


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                          It was AWSOME!! They even mentioned the ribbon dancers.


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                            The Native dancers looked great. What a beautiful sight to see and hear.
                            Now....can anyone pick themselves out of the crowd??? I video taped it to see who was who.



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                              man i watched the very end. I was at work so i missed it. I am so mad. Can snyone send me a copy, i really want to see it. pm me please


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