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Natives in Olympic Opening

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    Naomi Lang... Jim Thorpe, Billy Mills (both of whom won gold medals), and I don't know if I'm missing any others.
    yep... Andrew Sockalexis (Penobscot), U.S. marathon medal winner in the 1912 Olympics (cousin of Louis Francis Sockalexis, the first American Indian to play professional baseball on a major league team, 1897-1899, for the Cleveland Spiders. It is in his honor that they claim to have changed their name to the Indians in 1915 - that's their story, anyway).
    - zeph


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      Sorry NDNKwe, I missed that little important detail. Please forgive my inability to read correctly.:D

      Beth: Wouldn't that first picture in the gallery make an awesome poster? That's a pretty cool link.

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        DID ANYONE TAPE THE OPENING CEREMONY? I was so sick and never stayed up to watch it.....Please let me know, I want so bad to see history being made...:bouncy:


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          Too bad they won't let you show yoru tape of the opening ceremonies.

          Don't be surprised to see the Olympics come out with a video of their own of the opening ceremonies. And for a nomanal fee of course!!

          It is an awsome thing to have our people honored in this way!

          I missed it as well, would have loved to have seen history being made live!

          Gonna go ck out that site at least I can see some pix eh?


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            Silverfeather, did you find any pics? I went to that site you wrote about, but couldnt stay..


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              Pictures on

              On, you have to click on "more headlines" at the bottom of the main page. On 2/11 there was a headline about the Olympic opening ceremenies. Click on that, and then you will be able to open up an entire gallery of pics. Hope this helps. This URL should take you right to the picture gallery as well:


              I really like the first picture. I wish they could make a poster or something out of that.



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                Wow! You're right. That first picture is greeeeeaaaaat. I'd love to shake the hand of the person that shot it. I said the same thing..."They should make a poster outta that one." I've been scouring freelance sites, and I haven;t found anything else as far as pictures go. I'm hoping I'll come across some.

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                  I love your quote, it is so real to me....Love is so much...and yes, it is risky.


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