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Olympic Opening Ceremonies

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  • Olympic Opening Ceremonies

    Did any of you guys( and girls, of course) see those Opening Ceremonies???? That was Spectacular! What did you think about the Tribal Contribution? Was it good, was it respectful of tradition? Please, tell me your spin on them. I want to know.

    They Ruled!!!
    They were pretty neat
    They were ok
    they weren't anything special
    I didn't like them
    I didn't watch them

    The poll is expired.

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    Looked good to me. Not sure if "respectful" was important, but I think they were given that part of the show to do what they felt was right. I just wanna know who the 5 drums were? That was my all time favorite song.


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      I was totally blown away at the Ceremonies - I thought they were very respectful and was pleased at the large Native American presence there - Wow! It made me so proud - I called my family and we watched this historical event together - don't know if it will ever happen again, but maybe when my son, who is now almost 3, is a dad, he can tell his kids about it and they can know that the Native American presence was def part of the 2002 Winter Olympics. :)
      Everything is gonna be alright!

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        Tonight we witnessed a new chapter in American Indian History.

        Watching tonights show was the all time high for me. Tears of joy ran down my face.
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          It was a beautiful thing...I haven't talked to my Dad in months...he called me tonight...he had been crying...and he asked me if I saw it...

          It was a great ceremony..but more importantly, it put two people who love each other dearly back in touch :)

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            That is good news Sprockatali! :) That is something that is more special that anything else in the world.

            I thought that it was pretty good. This is the first year that I actually wanted to watch the opening ceremonies. I am not into sports that much but will watch some of the olympics.
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              I thought the opening ceremonies were great! I was so proud my whole family watched.


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                opening ceremonies

                arial purple

                I think the opening ceremonies were great. It did my heart good watching the Native American Indians for once in history take a rightful place in the Olympics during the opening ceremonies. Tears of joy ran down my face, besides being speechless, it was just an awesome experience to behold.


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                  opening ceremonies


                  I think the opening ceremonies were great. It did my heart good watching the Native American Indians for once in history take a rightful place in the Olympics during the opening ceremonies. Tears of joy ran down my face, besides being speechless, it was just an awesome experience to behold.


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                    NBC showed some dancers and vendors today during the Men's Cross Country Ski. I hope they (NBC) give NDNs the long over-due recognition you deserve every day of the Olympics and longer - like forever.
                    I get a lump in my throat everytime I think about it.
                    :Thumbs: :clap: :dancer: :dancer: :clap:
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                      I don't remember when I have been so proud. It was just so awesome to see. Not only to have so many natives in one place but getting some of the attention that is soooooooo long overdue. I was so overcome with emotion. My daughter at first thought I was being silly, then she started to cry. I won't forget it. It truly was a moment in history for me.:)
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                        You guyz nearly have me in tears from reading these posts. I did see the opening ceremonies and it really stired my emotions. I thought it was awesome.


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                          The opening with the Indian dancers was FANTASTIC!!!!!!
                          It absolutely had me shaking in my chair!!!
                          I was expecting it to be a small fact I was afraid when they did the Indian portion of the show it would be very small, and it would be my luck that the network would go to commercial about the time they came out to dance.
                          So I was really proud, and SO THANKFUL that they were on for so long!!!! What a great show!!!!
                          Didn't it just make you jump out of your chair and dance with them!!!! WOW!!!!


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                            The winter Olympics are always a favorite at our house. This year's opening was incredible. The best that I had seen in a loooong time. Very respectful. Does anyone know the names of the five elders that took part in the presentation?


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                              At the begining to see the WTC flag was heartbreaking. But tears of sorrow were quickly changed to tears of joy! I jumped out of my chair and started dancing in place. It was overwhelming !!!:clap: :flag:


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