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howdo you put the hook on a beaded earring?

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  • howdo you put the hook on a beaded earring?

    I was just curious how do you put the hook on a beaded earring? Not one that dangles down. One that is flat on the ear. I hope nobody gets confused w/ what I'm trying to say. :D

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    I use a flat plate post back and epoxy glue to attatch it to the flat face. They look like a tie tack almost but are post earings. In a huge pinch one can use a pearl or bead cup post back too with out the center pearl stem. they look like this |- or this )- but not the ones that look like this -)-
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      If you use those flat plate earring posts, make sure you get the ones with large plates. They have a diameter of about 1/4". You can glue these on as Raven does or you can get posts with adhesive stick-um pads already on them. You just peel off the paper lining and attach. I attach my posts to the piece of milk jug plastic stiffener behind the earring beadwork. Then I poke a hole in my backing material and thread the post through that and glue the backing to the plastic. After I trim the backing and edge bead all the pieces together, I'm done!


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