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Where do you get your Beads from?

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  • Where do you get your Beads from?

    I was wondering where everyone buys there beads from. I have ordered from Crazy Crow but everything is back ordered.
    (Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape)

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    I usually buy my beads from Baker Bay. The url is http://www.bakerbay.com and they have a huge selection of all kinds of seed beads. They're good to deal with, too. I just found a sale at Fire Mountain that I couldn't pass up, so I'll pass the information on. They have mixed size 11's------all loose beads and you have to sort them out------but they're only $1 a pound! I just couldn't pass that up, so I bought a bunch. I don't know what the beads will be like, but they're glass beads in the six basic colors, they said, so I figure I'll just sort them at that price. Here's the info to call them and order if anyone is interested:

    toll free number for ordering 24 hours a day 7 days a week:


    and the item number is:


    The FL probably stands for "floor" because they swept them up off the floor at the bead factory. LOL But what the heck-----for a buck a pound, I'll find lots of uses for them! :p


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      I buy locally.... prefer locally but mostley because I can see the colors first hand and the stores here carry pretty much everything I need....a few colors I buy from a place called Mohawk's bead shack in Hibbing Minnesota.
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        For the colors I buy by the kilo or half-liko, I compare between General Bead and Shipwreck Beads. Different colors are priced differently so its good to compare.


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          I live near enough that I can go shop at Baker Bay. I wouldn't order from anywhere that I couldn't see the colors, so I know what you mean. Baker Bay has better prices than some of the other places.


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            Here is a "beading" link to the Sioux Trading Post. This store is located with the Praire Edge Trading Post.

            I personally drove to Rapid City to buy beads and thought their variety in beads were overwhelming. Not only do they have beads, they have other Craft Items on sale. They have anything you can think of like sinew to feathers to leathers to fringes. Yep, I give this store 2 thumbs up!!

            Oh yeah, they also have helpful staff who will assist you in anything.
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              Thank you for the help. :)
              (Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape)


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