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    Ok I saw in another post that Grayback mentioned he likes to bead this is more directed at him..but all information from everyone is appreciated.
    I have seen many pics of beaded quills..and I am not talking about the ends of the quills, but right up the shaft . Now my own theory from pics is that they put the needle right through the shaft, but since I have not seen one first hand I wanted to know if this is how it is done .... I think it is very attractive to look at and want to try it myself..but I also want to know if there is anything signifcant about them being beaded this way , such as does it represent anything? is it tribally exclusive or gender exclusive?
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    Blackbear, I bead up the quills of my talking and prayer feathers. I use a 12 sharps and just pierce through the feather and work my way up. I generally will only string on 6 or 7 beads at the most though and then go back down through. You could also do a running stitch and make a whole line of beads up it. The biggest problem though is that the quill splits sometims when you pierce it. Sometimes I'll use a tiny drop of super glue so the split doesn't continue to run up the quill. They do look nice with beads on them though, practice with some old feathers, I'm sure you'll love the way it turns out. Oh, also, I've done it too where I come up on the one side and then cross diagonally to the other side to make a larger covered area and then you can even make small patterns/lines etc... I'm no professional by any means, just like to try different things.

    Have fun!
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      I think I know what you're talking about , but the one's I've seen like that aren't exactle beaded, they just look like they are. They have paint up the quill, but like big drops and patterns.

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        WOW!! Thanks to both of you!! I am definitly going to try it myself now...I have a few goose feathers I think would make good experiment feathers...and the paint thing sounds good too!! Just gonna have to try it both ways !!!
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