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  • Heddles and Looms

    My daughter makes heddles. There are 10 - 11 slots per inch. Cost is $2.50 per inch.

    She also makes adjustable and expandable looms.

    Please send me a PM are e-mail her directly at [email protected].

    Hope that helps.
    Old Man

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    Heddle and Loom - Sizes & prices

    I have gotten a number of inquires about the heddles and looms I make. I have posted the information below. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

    The small loom has fixed side rails that measure 22 inches in length. The spacing rods can be adjusted to accommodate a total length of up to 44 inches.
    Price.... $25.00

    The large loom has expandable side rails. It can be expanded to lengths from 24 inches to 42 inches. The spacing rods can be adjusted to accommodate a total length of up to 82 inches. Price...$35.00

    I can custom make wider width looms. Price varies.

    Heddles - various sizes based on bead count. Price based on size - $2.50 per 10 bead count. (50 bead count heddle would be $12.50).

    Shipping is in addition to costs.

    Thank you.
    (Old Mans duaghter)


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      Hope it helps.
      Old Man
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