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Need a Heddle? I got 'em.

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  • Need a Heddle? I got 'em.

    Please see my post "Heddles and looms" under the trading post for heddles and looms that are for sale.

    Hope it helps.
    Old Man

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    Thank you very much OLD MAN for posting that!!!:D
    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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      The heddle I make are sized ideally for a 10 or 11 bead. I have used up to a size 12 bead.

      To accomodate larger size beads (size 8) use every other slot on the heddle when you thread it, or let me know that you are using a wider bead and I'll space the slots further apart when I cut it.

      Using size 13 and smaller beads causes a bottleneck -wider spacing at the heddle and narrow spacing at the beads. Be sure that the loom is long enough to accommodate this.

      The number of beads in the width of your design plus 1 is the number of slots (length) that you will need. Example: if your design is 20 beads wide, you will need a heddle with 21 slots.

      Directions on how to thread and use the heddle are included with the heddle.

      Old Mans Daughter


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