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  • Edge beading?

    Can someone here please tell me the best way to edge work..the easiest way too. I was told it was done with like 3 beads or 4 beads at a time....

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    Well, kinda depends on how big you want your edge beading to be. Ok the three bead is the most common for small projects I would say...
    you tie off your thread at the starting point, making sure you go through all your layers and backing. ...
    2) put three beads on your thread
    3)run your needle through your beadwork,layers and backing again about1/8th of an inch away from your knot in whatever direction you plan on going
    4) go back through the last bead you put on and pull ...making sure that you have a kinda pyramid shape going on..
    5) pick up two beads on your thread and repeat...
    after the first three beads you will only be adding on 2 at a time from then on.
    6)once you come back to your beginning knot, you will then only add 1 bead and go through the very first bead you originally strung, go back through the layers ..and then i tie my knot by wrapping the thread around the thread at the base of that last bead and tie a double knot, then secure the knot with a tiny tiny drop of either clear nail polish or crazy glue.

    IF you want to do more than a three bead type edging, just remember to make sure that you use the same steps including, if say it is a five bead start..the next one over is going to be 4 because you are starting off with that last bead...also the more you use in the edging, make sure you space them apart a little further than the three bead's 1/8". There are other kinds of edging you can do, but we can get into that later if you like. None of them are all that difficult, but have patience because edging is time consuming.
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      Crown slide show

      Hi, Blackbear! I noticed in n8tivechick's post that you have a slide show on how to make a crown. If you don't mind, could you email it to me. I promised my neice a beaded crown when she won her first princess title and now I need to come through. Thanks!

      Mariposa, the method that Blackbear described really is the easiest/fastest way. That's the way I edge rosettes.


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        If you look on my HP you'll find some examples for edge beading!


        Greetings :)
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          I believe one should use only the three bead method because it keeps the material from unraveling better. I use this method irrigardless the length of the edging.


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            Honestly Cherosage..I have never used more than 5 beads in an edge beading unless it is a kind of stacked this I mean that you are putting one bead next to the other, but you are using graduating rows of beads... let me see if I can explain this better

            put three beads on the string
            go through the work
            come back through two beads
            add on three beads
            go through the work
            come back through all three beads...

            now each time you go through the work you are going to come out right next to the bead before..kinda like brick stitch, but you are not going to go row on top of row but just make each side higher or lower by the amount of beads. I have seen some edge beading done with seven beads and you are right, it does tend to leave the edge open for fraying, that is why I say no more than five..which is what I should have said in the beginning. I have also used "oglala butterfly" technique for edging.
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