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    I'm Making a new belt for my son. I have a beaded strip 3"x28".
    How do you attach this to a leather belt that looks good and wont come off.

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    I used to sew it on to the leather strip with sinew.
    I guess that you made this belt on a loom.
    The way I used to make it, is to sew the beaded strip on the side to the leather.

    Start on the edge in the leather, lead the needle between the first and second loom thread and punch through the leather. Now come back up and repeat the stitch. by doing so you make loops around the loom threads which hold the piece in place.
    The same you do on the other side.

    On the top and the bottom I used to knot the loom threads, that the beads don't slide off.
    Sewing it on to the leather is the same thing.

    It's simply the same thing you do when you sew 2 pieces of leather together.


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      If the belt is going to be mounted like a dance belt the easiest thing to do is take the belt to a leather shop and have them run the leather through their machine and punch the holes where you want the belt to be sewn. Once the holes are in the leather is simple to sew the belt to the leather.


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        Just a thought.

        I beaded my belts on to a double thickness of cotton canvas, with some iron on interfacing on the back and then backed it with some leftover material. It's held up quite well and much easier than sewing through leather.

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          If you are mounting your beadwork on leather or any other stiff material, you need to stitch it onto the leather while the leather is curved (as if the person was wearing the belt) -- this way the beaded strip won't bind or break when the belt is worn.


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            but when you have punched the holes it is an easy thing sewing the beaded strip onto the stiff leather.
            I took buckskin for the belt from my buckskin dress, since the beadwork has enough strength.
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