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Amyone teach Quillwork?

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  • Amyone teach Quillwork?

    I would like to begin quilling for my husband and family... Does anyone here instruct or would anyone be able to send to me a good source for learning?


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    OK I just found a catalogue in the mail of a place that sells all kinds of books about and for native americans...

    their prices are awesome and there was a few books on quillwork in it. There are so many other books that this place sells...some that I have never seen before... Good Luck !
    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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      The book I have but not tried anything out of yet is A QUILLWORK COMPANION written by JEAN HEINBUCH. It looks like its fairly complete has some awsome diagrams in it.


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        Pilamayayelo mita kolas

        Thanks so much my friends,

        I would to hear any discussions on all aspects of quilling, including using earth dyes, brain tanning, use of sinew etc.



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          Yeah, check out that Written Heritage link. They also have a video on a famous Lakota family of quillworkers (New Holy-Blue Legs). Can't remember the title but its the only tape like it.

          I also have Jean's book The Quillwork Companion. Its well written and covers pretty much everything- you can teach yourself from it.

          I also have some articles from an old Muzzleloader magazine which talk about early Plains quillwork from the 1800-1840 period. Thats when designs were very simple and the only colors were natural white, black/brown, orange and maybe some yellow.

          Have fun and try not to poke yourself too much!



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            Got this from another site. Here's something to watch out for. Good Luck in working w/ Quills.

            Porcupine quills contain a blood thinner, like
            coumodin,(spelling??),and many old time quill workers
            died or hemorrage connected maladies....water and a
            spoon in a a good alternative method which
            saves the health.


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              Czechy, the title of the video is "Lakota Quillwork....Art and Legend: A Story of Sioux Porcupine Quilling: Past and Present".
              It definitely is an excellent video which covers all the different aspects of quillwork.

              To all of those people who are considering moistening quills the traditional way.....Be Careful!!!!!!!!!! Once when I was getting quills ready to wrap around a strip of rawhide, I almost swallowed one of them. Luckily, I was able to get the quill back up. Needless to say, it was a scarey experience.


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