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Czech beads vs. Delicas

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  • Czech beads vs. Delicas

    Just wanted to get everyones opinion. I've always used Czechs, but I am thinking about trying Delicas just to see how they look. Which do you prefer to bead with?
    Czechs exclusively
    Mostly Czechs, but occasionally some Delicas
    Mostly Delicas, but occasionally some Czechs
    Delicas exclusively

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    Delicas are sweet for peyote stitching and brick stitch, but that's about it... I have done rosettes with delicas before and believe me it just does'nt quite look right. Something about them little guys being cylindrical just messes with that round flow...
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      I use Czechs for almost everything, because they are cheaper.
      The other ones are reserved for specialities :D
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        I love working with delicas because they are so uniform and look almost like fabric when you're done. smmooooth and silky...just like 'buttah'!
        Only thing...I don't see them used in Indian beadwork. Is that done?

        And even though they are tiny beads, they have really big holes. They are more expensive though and some of the colors rub off...colors like bright pink tend to do that.
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          Thank you for bringing that up about colors rubbing off Muze... I meant to mention this eons ago... But there are quite a few colors in beads taht are'nt permanent. Bright pinks are just one of those colors...fuschias and good purples. The pale pearly pinks are about the only ones that are good color....and don't be fooled by it being an opaque, alot of beads are dyed. .... Now this is the reason why ... Glass is given it's color when it is mixed with metals and minerals such as cobalt give you blue and so does gives you reds and roses... they have yet to make a a permanent fuschia or bright pink or a good royal purple that is permanent because of the lack of a substance to mix with the glass to make those colors. In fact, they do have a purple that is permanent, yet it is that very dull purple that you see in the old time greasies and a more recent transparent, but the transparent are usually rainbow coated which protects the color from rubbing off or fading. The place I buy from gets alot of thier japanese beads from Miyuki and Toho and they just got in a new fuschia that is transparent...not permanent, but it is'nt rubbing off or fading easily either. I tested these by keeping one in my mouth for several hours, one in a drop of coke and rubbed one on both paper and leather for a good long time, both wet and dry. It is the most promising yet and I would be happy to get some for people...just you pay for them and the S/H. Also Miyuki's dark purple silver lined tend to keep thier color for a VERY long time unlike alot of silver lined beads. But as stated before, these are dyed, not permanent.
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            I do not use Delicas as I do not think they look right on the materials I bead. Never on old type items, but for the more modern flash look.

            The beads I like are the old Italians in size 4/o to 28/o. Those are some really great colors and looks.
            Other than that, I use Czech because they most fit the old style look. And some Czechs are not cheap.



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              I don't have much to add to the previous comments. I have some Delica beads but only use them on non-Indian beadwork. I once saw a web page that listed the durability of certain Delica colors in light, water and acetone. I'd have to hunt for it again. Even so, I think most of the colors and finishes are guaranteed for 30 years. Check also the manufacturer's color code number as these often contain a clue as to which ones are dyed. Delicas are very square looking and do not look right for Indian items.

              The Japanese also make size 15 beads which are actually closer to a Czech 13 or 14 in size and can be intermixed with them. (Fire Mountain Co. calls these beads Delicas although they actually are not.) I like the 15's a lot although these are also more "sqaure" or "rectangular" in shape as opposed to the more rounded Czech beads.

              For Indian-style beadwork, I use Czech beads primarily although I will also use some French or German beads when I want certain colors. Italian beads would be great but I don't have a source for any larger than 16/o. I don't suppose you would reveal such a secret as that, huh tipis?;)


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                Mill Hill is also making a delica knock off now
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                  Originally posted by tipis

                  The beads I like are the old Italians in size 4/o to 28/o.
                  28/o???????? Ya want a SANE answer from someone who has the nerve to bead with a 28/o????? HA!

                  Now, ya KNOW I had to say sumthin'. Your work is astounding, but you know that genius is touched with at least a little bit of insanity...just look at Einstein's hair!


                  and it's contagious...I wanna try beading with sand too! I'm thinking, Barbie sized cradleboard....hmmmmm..maybe even a dress and mocs and .... like I don't have ENOUGH to do with all the stuff I'm working on now?!?!?!
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                    Sorry Czechy, but you will have to search Ebay, old stores, estates, :50: kill your friends off who you know have them, be real nice to me:Naughty , Go over to europe and prowl the trade fairs, and then and then KEEP LOOKING>



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                      See? I told ya!

                      :Eyepopper :Crazy
                      Instead of telling God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is!


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                        Oh, yea....MuzeBl has been to my house and the seen the "BAck Room". Bags and bags and shoe boxes of beads and materials. Now to find time to do the work. OK MuzeBl, when are you coming back down to help with the tipi and more beadwork lessons??? I will throw in quill work lessons too.



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                          Careful... say it again and I'll gas up the car and see if I can beat my time! LOL
                          Instead of telling God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is!


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                            well if those are my only choices I have to say Delicas rather than Czechs...I prefer the Japanese beads as the wholes are much more uniform and easier to work with.
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                              I prefer old Italians or Czechs to almost any other bead. I do some work with French reproductions of old Italians if there is a color I cannot find. I work almost exclusively in 13 0 cut beads and smaller. I build traditional clothes so modern beads don't have the "right" look.


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