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Need advice..... lazy/square stitch

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  • Need advice..... lazy/square stitch

    I am new to the art of beading. I guess you can say that blackbear kind of got me intrested in the art of beading after I saw some of the work that she had competed.

    Anyways, I enjoyed looking at her pictures and went out and brought myself a loom kit from the local hobby shop and well, she warned me that once I got started beading that it was going to change my life around, but I didn't pay her any attention.

    Anyways, I now have the bead addiction. I had a hard time keeping the wraps on my loom when I was threading it, so I decided to try lazy stich as an alternate.

    Being that I couldn't find anything on the net to explain the techinque, I went out and got myself a book and well, before I brough the book, it looked pretty informative, but once I got it home and started reading through it, it appeared as if there were a lot of things left out in the directions.

    Anyways, I need some advice...

    The book says to put all the beads in row one on the string and then add two beads to start row two. After you add bead two (second row) you are supposed to take the thread back through the second bead on row one and then back through the second bead on row two. This didn't work as my beads kept getting twisted, so instead of adding two beads to row tow - I started with one bead and then went back through the first bead on row one and back through the same bead on row two so that each bead would be tied up instead of every second bead.

    Anyways, that was what worked for me...

    My question is this, what do I do when I run out of string using this method? I have found myself running out of sting about half way through the project when I actually thought I had enough to get to the end of the row. How am I supposed to tied the string up when I run out and start a new thread?

    With looming, you could basically tie the string up to the end of a wrap and then, tie a new one on and run the new thread through the previous row, but what do I do when I run out using this lazy stich techniuque?

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    Wait...Mitt..I am confused...are you doing lazy stitch or square stitch? And is'nt square stitch the same as the ladder stitch..both of them off loom...Lazy stitch is done on leather or canvas...yada yada yada... I think I know what you are talking about though... just clarify or type out the first part of the directions for me here...word for word ...
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      The book says that square stich and lazy stich are the same so...
      It also talks about the peyote stich and gourd stich being the same as well so..

      I would say this is square stich as I am not using canvas so..


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        I feel sorry for the author of that book and all those who read it. Lazy stitch and square stitch are not the same thing. I hope you can find some more information on beading other than that book. Whispering Wind Magazine comes from a publishing house that has, I think 8 issues, of craft instructions based on Native beading. Check out the Whispering Wind site, just put whispering wind in the brouser.


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          You might like to check out the other discussion about lazy stitch in this beadwork forum too.


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            square stitch


            Ok found this link right off the bat in my browser and it has a detailed step by step in pictures to show you how to do it Mitt. I hope this helps you.
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