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  • wyo_rose

    Please do come to our class!! Bring yourself, whatever you want to work on.

    If you've decided on the colors you want to use, you can bring the beads or fabric, and we'll get you started. Or just show up and we'll work on the designing phase. I may have a couple little examples to show.

    We went to the Youth pow-wow last night, and about got devoured by the skeeters! So be sure to take your Off or other mosquito repellent.

    Maybe I'll see you there, but Saturday I'm finishing a jingle dress and don't know how long it might take.

    Do you work at the Radio Station? How cool!!

    Hope to see you soon.

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  • ctryprincess
    :D Wow!! Wyo_Rose -- I'd love to meet you!!

    I will definitely show up at one of the classes! What will I need??

    You are more than welcome to call me here at the station --

    I'm here from 5 am - 1 pm!

    I'd love to see your work as well! Yes! I'll be at Shoshone Indian Days this weekend!! Saturday afternoon for sure!

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  • wyo_rose

    It's so exciting starting a young one dancing. And keeping the first outfit is so cool. I visited a friend who's been pow-wowing for years, and she has her first little elk tooth dress under glass with a picture of her wearing it. Awesome. While my girls were growing up, I made tons of fancy outfits and regret to say, we loaned out and/or lost most of their stuff. Even found some at BonSell's. (Pawn shop to those outside WYO)

    Fancy dance is probably the way to go - with all your munchkins energy. I agree with dogshotinthebelly about the design. That's always the hardest part for me. And I mull over it the longest. Then like redfringe said, do the accessories first, since she can use them year to year. Make the belt overlap a few inches, and even put a 1 inch hem in the moccasin where the seam is at the back. Then next year, replace the sole with a larger one and you can let the hem out to fit. You can make the leggings overlap a little also, where they tie. On the dress or skirt, I hate to just let the bottom hem out. Most of the time there's a line you can see. So I take in a few inches at the waist of the dress where it will be covered by the belt. If it's just a skirt, I'll make it extra long at the top, put in a regular casing for elastic, then fold the top over and stitch a new casing a few inches down to put this years elastic in. Then next year, take out the elastic, gently rip out those stiches and put longer elastic in the original casing.

    As far as beading, start with the 2 thread tacking stitch. I don't know if it's called lane stitch or what. But if you can get your first row (usually in the middle) straight, then the rest is pretty easy. I'm sorry I didn't read your post earlier, cuz we had a moccasin making class up here at FW school this week - for FREE! It's full now, though. But if you come to the sewing/quilting class here at Ft. Washakie School on Monday's from 4pm - 7pm, I'd be glad to help you get started. We'll be here sewing all summer. It's free, too.

    If you want to check out one of my Fancy Shawl outfits for a little girl, look in the gallery in the Summer contest under Other Crafts. It's the white, red, and turquoise one. And if you make it up here to FW this weekend for the pow-wow, you'll see a bunch of my fancy shawl outfits, with a few jingle. I've made a few for people down at Ethete, too.

    After the first nice keepsake outfit, you might want to do some other shortcuts as she gets older. One of my favorites is to make the piece (usually leggings, or cape) with a nice background and maybe sequins around the border - then just add a little beadwork. Either a design in the middle, or a border. It looks nice and sometimes you can't tell from a distance that it's not fully beaded. And on the moccasins, you can just make them extra big and put an insole in. Then they don't look too big.

    Anyway good luck on your outfits, and hope to see you at our sewing class.

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  • ctryprincess
    hello everyone! I wanted to stop on in and answer some of the questions and comments you all had for me. I appreciate each and every tidbit of information you were kind enough to share with me.

    First of all, my daughter is already 36" (3-ft) tall! She just turned 21 months on the 13th. She's half Arapaho (my side) and she takes her dads Comanche/Navajo for the rest of her. So I'm in a state here trying to incorporate her heritage as well. I realize she's just a young'un, but this is the first outfit of hers ever. I still have mine! I'll save that for, I'm not sure, but I want my daughter to have her own first outfit, for sentiment's sake! :)

    At first I wanted her to Jingle-all-the-way, but she gets out there in her denims and sweater and jumps around and twirls as much as she can, so I'm thinking she's more fancy-ish... You think?

    This is about the age when I first started with my gingham print cloth dress and little bitty shawl with 2-inch fringe!! I also wore moccassins from the trading posts, you know the kind, red leather with little butterfly tabs and shoestrings!!

    I plan on saving this first outfit for my daughter when she grows up and has daughters of her own. Arricka is my only child and she's also the only one I plan on ever having. BUT! As you all know, that is up to the fates! :)

    Again, thank you all so much for the information. I realize that as she grows, (I think she's going to be a tall woman!), I am in for a lifetime commitment of beading, sewing, and all the good stuff to keep her outfitted!!

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  • pupdog
    Was wondering if there were any dancers in the Central Texas area that would be willing for questions, etc:Angel2

    Its been hard for me to find people willing to help out. I have finally meet some through the American Resource Center in San Antonio (AIRC) {{and I am currently the web master in trade for knowledge, etc}}

    I am curently working on making my own regalia and if someone was local to advise in beading, I would greatly appreciate it

    It would be nice to meet someone hopefully near Pflugerville, or anyone else who would like to be email pals are welcome.


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  • Selina
    oh yeah, they grow very fast.
    very difficult when you make them an outfit.

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  • lsijohn
    I agree with grow very fast. I have 3 little ones, and they need atleast 1 new COMPLETE outfit every year.

    I think I would start with her accessories.......that would really be worth taking the time to bead.

    What style is she wanting to dance?

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  • eap7
    I have a few more suggestions. This is what I am doing with my own leggings. I am beading them on yellow canvas. I beaded the main design first, and am going back to bead gold on the yellow canvas background. This way, I can wear them while I'm in the process of wearing them, b/c the yellow canvas background looks okay. You might want to just bead designs on colored canvas, b/c your daughter is so young and will outgrow her regalia quick. The colored canvas eliminates having to bead a background.

    Also, be sure to make big hems in whatever you make-this isn't really a beadwork tip, but it's helpful. Then you can let the hem out instead of making a whole new dress, leggings or whatever.

    Good luck! I'm sure your daughter will appreciate your hard work and look great!

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  • Selina

    Well, I agree with dogshotinthebelly in looking for a design.
    BUT don't start with peyote stitch!
    It is too difficult when you are just starting to do beadwork.
    It is better to start with lane stitch. It is very easy to learn.
    Then, after a lot of practice, you can start with peyote.
    Take a look on my website and check out the techniques which are better for starting up.

    There is also a reference to a book, which might be useful to you.
    It is called "Native American Beadwork" by John Barth.

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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  • dogshotinthebelly
    I think it's fantastic that you are taking an interest in designing an outfit for your little munchkin. I'll tell you how I got started. I first chose the colors that I wanted to do the outfit in and then through a little bit of studying of the native culture from my area came up with a design. Coming up with a design may be hard to do and might take awhile but in the end it was well worth it. I then purchased the beads, canvass, thread (lots) and nessasary equipment needed to start peyote stitch beadworking. If your not sure on how to peyote stitch most beadwork books at your local library will usuall show you step by step on how to. You must also decide what dance catagory she would like to dance in. One final note your daughter is 2 years old and will quickly grow out of the outfit you'll have to decide just how much beadwork you want to put into it, if you put alot of beadwork into however it can be passed down from generation to generation. I hope I helped you to get started if you have any questions feel free to reply.:Rainbow

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  • ctryprincess
    started a topic New Beader Needs Your Advice

    New Beader Needs Your Advice

    Hi there. I'm 26 years old, I have a little munchkin daughter that will be 2 in September. This past weekend, she begged me to take her out into the arena with the other kids to dance. I did. I felt bad because she wanted to do this on her own... I owe her an outfit...

    My dilemma is that I'm a non-beader. I've dabbled here and there, I've made keychains, barrettes, chokers, bolo ties, and I've helped my neiwoo' on my outfits when I was about 10-12... She's since passed on and there isn't a member in my family that continue this tradition. :(

    I'd like to get started again. I love beadwork, am a fan of the variations from beader to beader. I'd love to get started here very soon. I'm a fast worker when motivated. What would you suggest my core materials be? (I have a pen on hand for this)

    All of your help would be greatly appreciated!! *HUGz*

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