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  • Has anyone ever done this?

    I know that I have already posted a topic about dress yokes beaded on canvas before, but I have something else I am wondering about. Has anyone ever beaded traditional ladies' leggings on canvas and attached them to leather? How did it work out? I'm thinking that if people could do dress yokes, then I could make leggings doing the same thing.

    What do you all think? Should I stay traditional, or go for the canvas?

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    I have never made what you are asking about but I have seen mocs that were all applique beadwork done on canvas then sewn to moc soles. They were very nice mocs. I have also seen moc uppers done on canvas then whip stitched to a 3/4" wide strip of leather that had been sewn to the sole leather. Also very nice mocs, so I seen no reason you couldn't do what you are suggesting. As for whether you should or not, all depends on how much of a purist or innovator you are.

    good luck

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      I've never worked on canvas before......
      but it sounds very interesting

      If you would be so kind, share the results with us!

      Good luck!
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        I had a friend who beaded on a fabric that is the rubberised stuff for baby change tables. I wish I could remember what it is called but can't..sorry. It is softer and a bit thinner than canvas and does not stretch like canvas can.
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          What you are referring to is fabric comprable to a lap pad that is used for changing babies. I buy ours at Hancocks Fabrics and it is about $10 a yard. Don't know the proper name for it but anyone that works in fabrics should be able to point it out.
          Works wonderfully - no stretching, raveling, and repels moisture - Great for all types of beadwork - down to moc tops.


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            Hospital Sheeting

            I think the proper term for it is Hospital Sheeting. It is also called something like rubberized flannel or flannalized rubber.

            I have a beader friend who uses it a lot and when her main background color is dark she dyes the work after beading so the white doesn't show through. That dyes the thread too.

            I have used the stuff myself. Its great to work on, has body and does not streach. I used two needle applique with this, made wallets. They are very durable.


            PS I have seen a Cheyenne beader making leggings on canvas ( layered with interfacing) which she would attach leather ties when the beading was finished. Her work was very traditional and looked fantastic.


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              I have two pairs of fully beaded leggings with duck cloth/canvas bases. One pair is 8 years old and the other is about 12. Both are in fabulous shape with no missing beads or warping. One pair is stand-alone and the other has fringed leather at the tops which fold over the tie strings and covers them.

              If you are doing fully-beaded leggings, your base material will not show so you can use just the canvas or the sheeting stuff in place of leather and no one would know the difference. I wouldn't worry about not being traditional because the ndns have been beading on canvas since at least the 1880's. During the reservation period, leather was hard to get and so canvas was often substituted.


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                not to mention...that other things like quills were used before the introduction of seed beads..right Chzechy?
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                  Thanks for your feedback and suggestions everybody. If anybody else has suggestions, I'm open to more of them.


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                    I do a lot of bead work. Canvas is good but stretches and frays... Interfacing helps. I use both.... You can also use " things" to stabilize the fabric. Check your fabric stores.

                    I don't put anyting onto my mocs.... Just go with it. And remember, we're "pragmatic". Use the best things available. It's your heart and vision that's traditional...
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