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  • Arthritis?

    I see on another thread that Miraposa says she has arthritis. So do I! How about any of you other beaders? I always thought the worst thing that could happen to a beader besides blindness would be arthritis. I got hit with it on my birthday this year in June. I know another beader with it too. How can this happen?

    I guess I have had it for a while and the symptoms were just here and there. When I woke up a 55 year old everything hurt, hands feet, arms, knees. Now even my jaws swell up in the AM. Thank goodness I get better as the day goes on. I just bead in the afternoon or evening depending on the days pain. I have been spending a lot of time on the arthritis forum when I can.


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    I have both arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome..but the arthritis tends to effect my knees more than anything. I was hit by a truck while walking when I was 16 and the arthritis was pretty bad just from the I am in the middle of having them evaluated... anyhow I have noticed though that when it is going to be rainy and cold for a period of time...then all the joints start aching..and like you my hands and feet and my wrists swell up...but I guess I am either still young enough, or too stubborn enough, does'nt stop me from beading LOL..what keeps me from beading is this dang computer!!!!!! I could have a thousand things finished if I could just stay away from the blasted internet!!!! ROFL!!! Anyhow, you might try doign this for the arthritis.... make you come polar fleece crafter's help keep the joints warm..and if you make a pillow of rice around the wrist part,you can either microwave it for heat or freeze it for cool.I plan on making my sister and myself these very soon.
    Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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      Blackbear.. you said...
      I could have a thousand things finished if I could just stay away from the blasted internet!!!!
      LOLOL Thats me tooooooo!!!

      I too have artheritis, and carpel tunnel. Im 42 and feel 100 sometimes. After years of beading (since I was 12), being a Personal Trainer and Aerobics instuctor and using weights alot, chasing this mouse all over my desk top, and since it runs in my family (not the mouse... artheritis) alot of times my hands kill me!
      What I have found helpful is this..... glucosamine sulfate, (Im sure you've heard of that... ) and grape seed extract. When I take the both of them together... Im pain free. What has also helped me ALOT is the Flax Seed Oil. That has taken the pain away from my hips. The other stuff takes care of my hands and the carpel tunnel and the Flax Seed Oil helps my hip pain.

      I like your idea of the rice bags. I bought one at a craft show recently and it sure is soothing.

      One other thing that has really been a treat for me...My 3 sons chipped in and bought me one of those hot wax hand dip things at Christmas from Walmart. When my hands are swollen and achy... this is very comforting. It wasnt that expensive either.

      anyway... hope these ideas help some


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        Ya, mine is rheumatiod arthitis. I take fish oil (omega 3 fatty acid like the flax seed oil)and vitamin E. I am the one who is allergic to all thoses drugs that you see on TV including glucosomine.

        I have seen the parafin things and I will get one as soon as I see one for sale. I'll have to check out WalMArt.

        My hands like the epsom salt baths I take...toes too. Just holding soda cans feels good too.

        Gotta get off this dang computer.


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          I'm only 34 and have felt the effects of carpel tunnel (atleast that is what I am guessing it is). Every now and then, my fingers start going numb on me. I have to stop and shake them out to get them back to normal. It gets just as annoying as when I have gotten stuck by needles while working. I have a nice little callus at the base of my middle finger. The aches and pains are creeping up on me too, thanks to the clutzy side of myself.....slipping on ice & stepping into a little ditch in the park last weekend. It hasn't stopped me yet though.....thank God.


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            I have one of the paraffin thingies. Wooooo it works wonders! You may be able to find some on Ebay. Wally World had em for around 50 bucks!!! They have the miniature ones for the nuke-o-lator....I'd be scared of cooking myself with one of those.
            SHAKE IT!!!!


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              I have the arthritis too and recently had to have a bone removed from my hand because it was dissolving and creating a great deal of pain. It is better now, but I am still trying to re-use my hand.

              The Chromium???? does not work for me. Took it for 6 months and did not notice any change in the joints. It works for some and not for others. My hips just started hurting and will have to replace a knee.

              tipis:Cry :Cry :Cry :Cry :Cry :Cry :Cry :Cry :(


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                my mother who also does my beadwork, is getting early symptons of arthritis...which really really really i MADE her teach me how to bead, so now i bead my own beadwork, a lil hey, its beadwork right?
                ~how u want that? tell me how u want that~baby how u wanna give it to me? a bad boy iz whut i need uh huh~


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                  Originally posted by eagle_plume999
                  , a lil hey, its beadwork right?

                  You'll get better as time goes on..and with practice...
                  Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                    There are cushion rests for your wrists for the keyboard and one for the mouse. I have them at work. Helps keep hands from od positions. They also have a glove for your hands in craft stores. They act like a brace. I use one for my ankle and now use these for my wrists. Fellowes made the rest for the computer. Sure there are others. I have seen the rests for under 10.


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