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Question about "GOAT" length

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  • Question about "GOAT" length

    Does anyone know of any dancers who wear the long "goats" for traditional?????

    I hate to sound vain, but, I have a scar on my right leg from a wreck that would be covered by these.

    Just asking advice.

    Also, who supplies the longer angoras or where could I look?
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    I would recommend staying away from the long angora goats like fancy dancers have. You have a couple of options that might be better.

    First, wear leggings.

    Second, going from your knees down, wear beaded knee bands with leather fringe, one or two sets of bells, anklet sized angora goats, and moccasins. This all should cover your scar. This is what I wear and you really can't see my lower leg. I also wear socks that come just above my bells. I wear a set of sleigh bells and sheep bells. Even though the fringe will move while you dance, no one should really see the scar.

    Let me know if you have questions or need help in putting this together.



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      Sorry-I forgot something.

      Crazy Crow Trading Post sells Icelandic Sheep hides for making anklets. You can buy a big hide for fancy dance sized anklets or smaller ones for traditional dancers. I don't seem to recall that it was very expensive for an anlet sized pair.

      I wear angora that was given to me. It's a little nicer and easier to take care of than the icelandic sheep hide.



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