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    Looks like it's time for a new topic guys!
    As most of you already know, I'm relatively knew at this dance stuff. I grew up on a res in Charenton, LA, that doesn't do any dancing. So, I'm taking it upon myself to hit the powwow scene as soon as I can put toghether my dance regalia. I'm guessing it'll all be finished by November or so at the pace I'm moving.

    Anyhow, I need some ideas on a beaded or concho belt with side tabs. I've seen pictures in "The Northern Traditional Dancer" book, but I wish I had words and sketches or drawings that showed me how to piece it all together with the breechcloth/apron beneath. Can anyone help? I look forward to hearing from each of you! :)

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    This board needs a better moderator.

    Good topic. I made both. My side tabs are beaded with a concho belt. Obviously fully beaded looks the best. There were three reasons for making my side tabs this way.
    First, After making the side tabs, I was getting tired of doing lazy stitch. I wanted a break.

    Second, I'm not convinced that my waist is going to stay the same size. In case it gets larger, I didn't want to have to completely make new side tabs. If the belt doesn't fit anymore, I can take the beaded side tabs off of the concho belt and make a new one.

    Third, I made my side tabs last summer. My wife and I had our first child in December. I wanted to get them done by Labor Day so I could have time to get the baby's room ready and the other preparations that come up in having a baby. I figured (and correctly so up to this point) that after the baby comes I probably wouldn't have much time to do beadwork. If I didn't finish it then, I would have this large substantial project half finished.

    If you want to see my side tabs there is a picture in the gallery of this website.

    Side tabs made with conchos can also look nice. They are also a more economical and time saving alternative to fully beaded side tabs. I'd prefer to have fully beaded things, but my situation dictated otherwise.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.



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      Thanks, I'll check out the gallery in a sec. Do you know anyone who might be able to help me make what I'm looking for? Are you available CEM, or know someone that is?


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        I'll help you make them if you get the material, come up to Indy, and hold the baby while I do it! :)

        I could offer suggestions for planning them and construction if you like. I don't know anyone who could make them for you. Get second opinions from others. I do ok in making outfit parts, but there are a lot of people who are better than I.



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          Whew, don't know if I could handle a baby right now! I bet you're one happy Dad though. And I'll take whatever suggestions you have on the belt and side tabs. I bet I could figure it out with a couple suggestions.


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            I just hit another sticking point! I've decided to go with a concho belt and beaded side tabs. I'll have a breecloth made of deerskin, but what about the side tabs? It seems like it would be real hard to pass a needle through the skin over and over for beading. What type of material is commonly used for beaded side tabs?


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              Personally, I like CEM's belt and side tabs. I know many will probably disagree with me, but I think that it is possible to have too much beadwork. Yes, fully beaded things are nice, but I like a little variation to break it up, too. That's why I like CEM's belt and tabs: it's enough beadwork to look impressive, but it's not so much that it overpower's the rest of the outfit. Just my $0.02.



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                MWP-Thank you for the compliment.

                Jim-I beaded the side tabs on two layers of thin canvas. (A friend of mine showed me some heavier material that I am going to use for future projects.) I wouldn't bead on leather for big projects. It would take forever. If you do bead on leather you do not bead all the way through the leather. You go halfway through.

                After I finished doing the beadwork on the canvas, I backed it with a piece of heavy felt in the middle to give it more body and a piece of cotton paisly material. (I'm partial to paisly over floral patterns.) I'm not sure it matters since you don't really see it anyways. Then I cut out the piece of leather for the fringe and sewed it onto the back of the finished beadwork. After I sewed the leather on, I cut the fringe using a metal ruler and a razor blade. Each fringe is a 1/4 inch wide.

                I'll describe more later. Have to pick up my little angel at day care.



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                  I'm interested in the heavier material your friend showed you. I'm looking forward to the rest of your description. It's helping alot as I put together things in my head. I've already cut a pattern out on some old t-shirts.
                  Thanks again,


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                    And how will the beaded side tabs be attached to the leather belt? It doesn't seem feasible to sew it to the backside. I guess I need some ideas on that too!


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                      Jim & Anyone else who is interested:

                      I used brown paper bags to plan out the size and shape of my side tabs.

                      I did sew the sidetabs onto the back of the leather concho belt. My conchos are 3" in diameter and I believe the belt is 4" strap leather. I sewed them on with sinew using a leather needle. I only sewed partway through the leather on the top and bottom edges of the belt. It is pretty secure. I'm not worried about them falling off. Since the leather is thick and hard, it was a bit of a challenge to sew it on. I used a thimble and a pair of plyers to make it easier.

                      I dyed the leather dark brown with dye from Tandy Leather. I prefered a darker leather so the silver conchos would show up better. I only died the front side. I didn't want the dye to stain or rub off on other parts of my outfit.

                      The leather & conchos were purchased from Crazy Crow. The entire piece is secured to my waist using buckles. I bought the buckles from CCTP or Tandy. The straps are like 1/2" strap leather (also from CCTP. I used a leather hole punch to put the holes in those straps. There are two straps that I buckle.

                      I'd like to hear how other folks made their side tabs.

                      Let me know if you have other questions.


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                        Have any of you out there made side tabs that are done in some kind of ribbon applique or other cloth design? What kind of belt did you use? I have a friend thinking about making ones like that.



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                          My side Tabs are about finished. FULLY BEADED. or Actually they were done on a loom.
                          3" wide and 22.5" long. They just taper at the end to a point. I'm thinking of "tipping" the ends with ribbon fringe in traditional Choctaw colors.
                          Here's a hint:
                          Use a design that is unique to your heritage and/or family. Mine are done with traditional Choctaw designs. I have diamonds and crossed stickball sticks.

                          I have yet to decide whether I'm going to attach to belt or use a seperate smaller belt underneath. (suggestions welcome)

                          My belt is similar. It is a beaded 5.5" wide loom strip on a 6" leather belt. It has all the designs of the tabs and a few more.
                          I left about 2.5" of belt where it comes together so it can be trimmed to shorten if I lose weight (fat chance) right now it laces to fasten. This allows for "personal expansion" due to good frybread.

                          My wonderful wife did the loom beading.
                          I posted pictures in the Gallery area. They are under my name Don Larson in the "general" area. I put them in the wrong place.

                          Since our cultures are really close, and related, I would be willing to help with your designs/ideas if you desire.

                          [ July 16, 2001: Message edited by: Choctaw ]
                          "If they come in the morning, I'll be right here."
                          Mitch Walking Elk

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                            Thanks for adding you .02. Your wife did a beautiful job on your beadwork. Your beadwork set looks greatQ

                            Just curious-how are you going to attach the ribbons at the tips of your sidetabs? Where did you get the idea for this?


                            [ July 16, 2001: Message edited by: CEM ]


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                              [QUOTE] Just curious-how are you going to attach the ribbons at the tips of your sidetabs? Where did you get the idea for this?

                              As soon as I figure this out I'll let you know.
                              The idea comes from our choctaw men having ribbons tied on their belts and also from Vincent Davis' beaded fancy dance sidetabs.
                              I'm thinking of backing the tabs with cloth so it wouldn't be too hard I don't think.

                              Wife says thanks for the compliment.
                              I had a discription on each but I don't see them now for some reason.
                              "If they come in the morning, I'll be right here."
                              Mitch Walking Elk

                              "We're from the Government and we're here to help you".


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