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    Just wanting to know what is the best way to attach ribbon fringe and what is the best ribbon and size to use??? I see a lot of Contemporary NTD using ribbon for fringe, and I'm making new regalia, so I'm just wanting to know...

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    Well, my mom is a seamstress and I get her do my sewing (stuff like that) w/ the sewing machine. This way I don't lose any digits and I can continue to drum and sing. :p The only other method I've used was single handedly stiching each piece. This is very time consuming and can get teddious (sp?). However, you have a double layer of fringe when you do this. The regalia will look fuller versus a single layer when it is only cut the length you want and sewn between two pieces of fabric. Its a matter of taste actually.

    Ok, once that is done, you are not finished yet. When people do this they run the risk of having the ribbon ravel (sp?) off and looks all tacky. To eliminate this, melt the ends of the ribbon with a flame. Candles work pretty good :D (Thanks Mom) Be careful not to get the ribbon all black and smutty looking. Gotta keep it clean. So, don't stick the ribbon in the fringe, just real close. Be sure to test it and see if any fray's show.

    As far as the size, again, that is personal preference. I like 3/8 inch myself. For one, I find it easier to work with; esp. w/ a sewing machine.


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      One other tip I've heard, I'm hoping might work is to take the ribbon and attach them to a strip of plastic tape (same stuff used to wrap bustle extensions), or bias tape. Then sew that onto the peice of regalia like it was pre-made fringe. I'm trying to experiment with this, it seems to be a lot easier, and maybe a way to change out fringe.

      Also what is a good length for the fringe???


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        Another thing you can do to prevent the ribbon from freying is to use a product called Frey-Check. It's a liquid that comes in a little clear plastic bottle. You just dab a bit on the end of your ribbon and let it dry. It dries completely transparent but stops the ribbon from unravelling. You have to be careful not to let the ends of the ribbon touch while they're drying, though, or they will dry sticking together.



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