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shoulder wings and mop tops

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  • shoulder wings and mop tops

    a buddy of mine and i are working on some new outfits for next year. well, we are going to be doing mop tops and shoulder wings and i was wondering if anyone had any info or ideas on the best way to constuct these. and the best way to keep the shoulder wings in place.


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    for the mop top, there has to be something in the archives. that topic has been pretty well covered i think, so it should be in there somewhere.
    wings- some people have theirs attached right to their breastplates so they don't slide to the front or back. but then you still have flappage (is that a word? ) i have one string to tie them around my neck. then each wing has a string looped through from the front to the back of each wing (about 2 inches up from the base of the quills so it holds the feathers at more than one point) and that loop ties under my arms so they don't flap up in my face when it's windy. it works pretty well, but you have to make sure you wash those laces after every powwow. MAN do those things start to get ripe. haha.
    ok, i think that's all.
    good luck.



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      I've seen some guys tie the wings about the neck, but don't know if that's the way I'd do it. Maybe attach them directly to the choker if your feathers are nice and long. I've seen some guys put clear tape on the bottom of the feathers to keep them from getting gnarly and frayed up.
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        Hey ! Ya'll,

        I use to tie my shoulder wings around my neck,

        but they kept turning and I was always straighting them

        out. It works better for me to attach them to my choker,

        But I still get slapped in the face on windy days.



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          I just tie them around my neck and let them dangle. It kinda fills in the space around my chest that I don't have decortated yet. I did that because I got fed up trying to get them straight on my shoulders...


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            have another question about mop tops do you leave the bill on the ball cap or take it off. my buddy id leaving his on and adding a visor to it. is this alright.



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              I've never seen a mop top with a visor, but with modern traditional, almost anything goes these days. The mop tops evolved like almost everything else and were very rare until only a few years ago when they reappeared. Shoulder wings, however, are a relatively new introduction.

              I don't know how to advise on the visor thing. I'll keep my eye out and if I see one, maybe you have started something.


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                As the 'mop tops' go, I've seen them constructed with the visors, but I've seen only kids wear far as shoulder wings go, when I do wear mine, I tie it around my neck and use a fishing lead and a safety pin to hold on to my shirt, got tired of having it flap up and try to fly away.......
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                  i've seen a bunch of dudes with visors left on their ball caps. but with enough feathers in the mop, you don't even really notice it. i left my visor on as well, and the feathers just flop over it.
                  if it's done the right way, you won't even notice it's there.


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                    Hey traitor!!!

                    ;) ;) ;)

                    I knew this kid about 5 years ago who wore wings. He had the loops on the bottom of the feathers strung on a bolo tie. Two outfit pieces in one!!!
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                      My mop top was made on a felt crown that was smaller than my head, so I had to sew it onto a baseball cap. I cut the brim off and wear the cap backwards. At first it looked really awkward because the headdress didn't "fall" around my head and face like everyone elses. Now it's about right were I want it. I've added a FEATHER visor for practical purposes. But it gets realy hot which makes me yearn for the days of my roach...

                      Speaking of which....

                      Has anyone seen my Roach???:(


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