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    I need to know if there is a good CANADIAN BEAD SOURCE
    that is reliable...??

    Can't seem to find any, please either respond to this, or you may pm or email me the link:)

    I am looking for cut glass, a fair amount!

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    Have you tried John Bead in Toronto?? They have a fair amount of cut-glass beads. Here is their website, they have most of their beads on here:

    If that is too far, you may also want to try a place in Wetaskiwin, Alberta called L&L Beads (I dont have the number on hand). They order from John Bead themselves, but it may be cheaper ordering from them, than John Bead directly (depending on where you are I guess??). Hope that soon as I find that number to L&L I will post it.

    I also am looking for some good Cdn bead suppliers.....preferrably in the prairie provinces......any one know of anywhere else???


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      Ok, I am in dear need of a good Canadian bead supplier as well. I have checked out the pow-wow people here in BC and the going rate for a hank of 13/0 charlottes is like $7.00/hank!!! I dont think so!!! Anyways, if there are any people out there that know a more reasonable place that will beat $7.00/hank, let me know! Thanks!


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        try this site not sure about their prices and what they stock but they are canadian

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          Cree_iskwew is right. John Bead. Best prices.


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            Thanks all, now cany you either email or pm me what you have posted? I need to check it out, when I have time:p


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              Down at the bottom of this page it says e mail this page.... you can e mail the whole page to yourself.

              Can someone tell me where to find the prices on the John Bead site??
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                Big duh on my part, never knew I could do that

                Checked out that johnbead site, and it looks like you have to be a business to buy from them??
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                  Got an email from that John Bead, turns out you have to be either status indian, or have a business licence with a b.i.n!

                  Any other decent places in Canada


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                    Hey there Riverwoman. Just a quick question about the email you got from John Bead. I was juste wondering what you meant when the email stated that you can be a status indian to order from them ? I am status, so I think that may be just up my lane.




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                      I think what it means is that they sell wholesale or better but only to status(enrolled/recognized) natives or to buissness owners for retail sale.
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                        Originally posted by Blackbear
                        I think what it means is that they sell wholesale or better but only to status(enrolled/recognized) natives or to buissness owners for retail sale.
                        That is exactly what I mean, you said it Blackbear! Took the words right outta my mouth:p

                        Now it kind of leaves me out in the dark, because I am not status, all due to the "indian act" but oh well, there just might be a place here in town, called the Yukon Trapper's Association, and she orders from Halford Hide in Edmonton. May just have some luck there!:D


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                          When you register your company "Riverwoman Enterprises" with John Bead, you'll be able to order anything you want. Congratulations on your new business! :Thumbs


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                            Here is the number for L&L Beads in Wetaskwin AB:

                            Leo&Leona Thiessen
                            PHONE/FAX 1-780-352-0168

                            5419-36TH AVE
                            WETASKWIN AB


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