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    Now that the summer season has passed and most of us will be sticking a little closer to home, it's a good time to do some maintenance on our outfits. I'm hoping to go through each item and see if it needs any repairs, replace ties, straps, and such. It's no fun to have a breastplate or bells fall apart on you in the middle of a dance. Just a thought.

    It's probably also a good time to start planning any new things that you want to make this winter.

    What kind of things do you traditional dancers do to keep up on your outfits? Anyone have any substantial projects coming up?


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    I have been doing pretty much the things you have described CEM don't forget about lanolin in the roach and washing out the goats.

    I have a few projects that I want to work on. I have a new pair of Mocs i have been beading, a new dance stick as well as finishing up an otter sash I recieved as a gift.



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      Usually about this time I do repairs to my bustle. There are quite a few feathers that need to be replaced, and I'm thinking about adding an inner row of feathers...

      Also I think it's a good time to start working on new pieces of regalia. I'm attempting to start beading a vest, side tabs, and fringing my beaded items with ribbon.

      What I don't use, I always try to hang up or keep folded in an area where it won't get too damaged...


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        HI CEM! I think we live in the same area. I have a question that has probably been asked here before, but I need to know where I can get imitation eagle feathers to build N Trad clothes. I have a friend in Tecumseh Lodge that has helped in the past, but have had a hard time getting together with him 'cause he's very busy. E-mail me if you would with this info. I'm hoping to start dancing next season, and I'm starting from scratch, so I have bustles, beadwork, mocs, and possibly a new roach to build this winter. Should be interesting....


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          dang...i haven't even thought of putting anything up yet....too many powwows left to go this year...hehe...

          i think i am going to start on a new outfit...beaded one...
          so if anyone knows a good contact on a bead dealer....with hex beads....will be helpful...maybe even a cataolog...


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            These are the two places I get my beads from:
            nice people, reliable

            BIG corporate company, relatively low prices, items can be out of stock occasionally


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